THE BRITISH VOICE would like to wish YOU a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  A Message of Hope for 2016         The majority of people in Parliament are members of secret societies, such as the Order of Freemasons, Common Purpose and the Fabian Society, the latter being mostly members of the Labour Party. The Fabian Society is the
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Does Israel Have a 100% Claim to Palestine?

LETTERS COLUMN   This was published in a Newtown newspaper…     Dear Sir, Tony Sutton claims that Jews have a 100% right to the promised land and he claims an everlasting covenant with the Jews. Has he never heard of Jesus Christ? “In that he saith, A
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Who is Responsible for the Enslavement of Britain?

  …The European Union? …The United Nations? …The Bankster Controllers? …Global Capitalists? …Communist Trade Unions? …Or Members of the House of Traitors & Frauds – Parliament?     The bankster controllers have enslaved Britain for centuries. They are
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