The Awakening of the People of Western Europe to the Danger of Immigration

Anti-immigration march by Smithfield market porters


The Five Nations of the British Isles are being overrun by 3rd world immigrants and our corrupt politicians have engineered it to happen. And, if the indigenous people of these islands do not make a stand to stop this invasion, our nations will be lost forever.
The mutual heritage of the peoples of Western Europe dates back many thousands of years – in fact for thousands of years longer than the names our countries now bear. The people of our individual European nations may have always been instinctively aware of this, through our folklore, and now it has been scientifically proven, that we are all related. Equally, the name Britain / Brython / Bryddon, dates back thousands of years before the names England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, were created. I’ve studied my family tree and am proud to say that my family’s heritage is English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish. And, I identify myself as English & British.


Despite this inter-relationship, our people have trustingly believed duplicitous politicians who have driven wedges between our nations and created an ‘us and them’ situation. Anyone that stands up to the bankster-puppet-politicians is demonised by their corrupt media machine, and the people get a distorted view of the facts. The lies and deceit of those people has already destroyed up to two billion Europeans – through wars, famine and the destruction of our youth and unborn children; and the evil ones are intent on starting WW3, in order to destroy the European race altogether.


Our European brothers and sisters have suffered great loss and hardship, and the time has come for us all to realise that those ‘family feuds’ must end now. We all need to stand together as one, against the tide of invaders that threaten to completely destroy us. Although we are called THE BRITISH VOICE, we firmly believe that these islands belong to the individual peoples of our five nations – England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and our brother and sisters in Eire. These islands do NOT belong to despotic politicians, globalist banksters, or 3rd world invaders, and we do not intend to allow the despots to continue with their programme to destroy us.


The Five Nations of the British Isles


We have embarked upon a mission to help awaken the people of our Five Nations to the danger that threatens our future existence – immigration. Britain currently has around 2,000 immigrants arriving here every single day, 365 days every year; most of whom come from the 3rd world. Also, the birth rates of those people dwarf that of our own indigenous population, and if we don’t stop and reverse this colonisation, very soon, we will lose our home, our land, our heritage and our freedom within the next generation. Over the past decade, the cities, towns and even small villages of most parts of Britain have been bombarded by 3rd world immigrants, and some areas have been overwhelmed. And, whilst this goes on the British people have been warned, by the traitorous politicians, that if they merely voice their objection to this invasion, they could face prosecution. And, I understand that Dublin and many parts of Western Europe have gone the same way.


Our people have been subjugated and enslaved through the weapon of immigration. Also, they are trapped in a brainwashed slumber of debt-based selfish greed and distracted by possessions and celebrity nonsense, which gives them the delusion of personal wealth. And, if we don’t wake them up to this delusion, very soon, our chances of regaining control of our lives, our future and inheritance may be lost. We need to ask the following question of everyone we meet:


“Tell me, if some government official came to your home and said –

‘From now on you must adopt an immigrant into your home; you must provide a room and bed for them, and a seat at your dining table; you must feed and clothe them, and you must allow them to do as they like and use your property as if it was their own. They will not have to contribute to your income and the upkeep of your home, and you must ensure that they do not get ill, and if they do, it will be your responsibility to ensure that they recover. You must allow them to mix with your family and friends and have intimate relations with them, and you must never complain that this process is wrong or unfair. This order is mandatory and you do not have any choice in the matter. And, if you dare to complain about it, or stop it from happening, we will prosecute you. Also, if you persistently complain, you may be taken from your family indefinitely’

What would you say or do about this? Would you simply touch your forelock and accept it, or would you fight against it with every fibre of your being?”

There is absolutely no doubt that the above scenario is already happening, because our country is our home; our food was provided through our struggle and the sweat of our brows; our land and freedom was made safe and secure through the sacrifices made by the blood of our forefathers, and they have left this land in our hands, for safe keeping, until we pass that responsibility onto our children. What will our forefathers think of us, if we allow our children’s inheritance to be stolen from them, and allow them and their future generations to be totally enslaved by despotic rulers and foreign invaders?

Make no mistake, to say nothing against this tyranny, is to accept the entire scenario outlined above. We will never get a second chance to do the right thing.


Please note that the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people are NOT Caucasians! Neither we, nor our ancestors emanated from Iran or Turkey, in Northern Asia, so do NOT call us Caucasians. If you need to define the colour of our skin, then please describe us as WHITE!



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