The Banksters and Funny Money

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Those who control the money supply control the game. “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the British Empire upon which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the money supply.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild.


Economists allude to economic cycles, when it is the Central Banks that control the money supply, that cause the upward cycle and down ward cycle in the first place. When the inflationary pressures have eased off, they reduce interest rates to as low a level as possible, and encourage borrowing to come out of a recession creating the upward cycle, but they never put the interest rates or the compound interest into circulation, so that borrowers have to borrow more to pay off the interest rates, and compound interest rates which inflate interest rates.


The ‘boom’ itself is caused by putting debt. into circulation and stimulating a house building program. They did this under the Thatcher administration, and in the early days of the Blair administration and are doing so at this moment in time, but this time it’s a credit crush, so most first time buyers are unable to get on the property ladder.


Yet there is still a shortage of social housing, as they are not building enough social housing and flooding the country with immigrants which are exacerbating the housing crisis; as for many years, we have been lied to over Britain’s true immigration and population figures, which have been distorted enormously. The official immigration figures are consistently over 500,000 a year, and added to that there are around 100,000 extra applications for National Insurance Numbers. This brings the OFFICIAL annual immigration figure to over 600,000. We can realistically assume that, if over 100,000 immigrants apply for NI Numbers, every year, then at least 300,000 have not and never will! This brings the true immigration figure to something approaching a million a year! God knows, it could be much higher!

Downward graph
The government tells us that Britain now has a population of 63 million, and they expect us to believe that Britain’s population has only increased by ten million since 1965!!! The reality is that Britain’s population is now over 90 million, and climbing rapidly! Market analysts and supermarket ‘footfall figures’ prove this to be true: and this when the optimal population of Great Britain is 15 -17 million.


Also, the birth rates of third world immigrants – who are predominantly Muslims – are increasing enormously. Britain is sleepwalking into a disaster! If we do not save our country and our indigenous people within the next five to ten years, we will be finished; as the Muslim population alone has doubled in ten years.


The house building ‘boom’ for the private sector is caused by wealthy speculators from Russia, China, and so forth buying property before and during the building programme and leaving them empty, and selling them a few years down the road when the price is right. These properties are going for a million pounds plus, so they are quite evidently not going to the general public. In fact I signed a petition about this for a local residents association the other day, who stated to me that they had sold flats for a million pounds for a proposed high rise tower block which they had not even got planning permission for yet; as building developers are exploiting planning authorities and ruining our countryside, villages, towns and our cities,which of course the local residents were opposed too, because they in this instance were what is known as ‘NIMBY’S’ (Not in my backyard!).



The Building Societies,Banks and lenders generally keep a percentage of these properties off the market to artificially inflate prices. If they put all these on the market, plus all the other housing stock that are lying empty, and when the speculators start to see their investments dropping in value, and put them on the market, when interest rates start rising again, then the prices will drop dramatically.


In some places in the North of England and the rest of UK, where there was a shortage of work and money, properties were going for twenty thousand pounds and less. And in other parts of the UK you virtually can’t or couldn’t give them away.


As stated at the beginning of the article, those who control the money supply, control the game. Therefore they can make properties worthless at a drop of a hat, then the public will find out how much their property is actually worth, which is known as supply and demand, which the Bankster’s control through control of the money supply.


The free Market was Known as Thatcherism, and in the United States as Regan-omics, which other countries then followed. Gordon Brown removed the checks and balances for borrowing, the United States followed suit, with other countries doing exactly the same. This caused the Banking crises and quantitative easing; but don‘t worry, it’s only a coincidence?

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These upward cycles are nothing but speculative ‘booms’ where they are putting debt into circulation, which are unsustainable; as the money has not been put into circulation interest and debt free, and spent on public works, for example. Also, they are backed by nothing but virtual money that only exists on a computer screen.


In National Socialist Germany in the nineteen thirties the money was put into circulation interest and debt-free, with the money being backed by labour, which is the only thing of real value.For every Reich Mark that was put into circulation, was backed by an hours labour. The money was used for public works, such as motorway building, and so forth; so this was a genuine boom and brought about an economic miracle, and put six million Germans back to work in two years. By 1938 they had full employment, and were considering bringing in guest labour, which no so called democracy has come anywhere near achieving, except for West Germany after the war when they started a massive program of rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed during the war. And remember they had no welfare system to mask the unemployment figures, as we have in so called democracies. “If our country were defeated, I’d hope we’d find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations”. Churchill


In the UK for example the unemployment rate is seven to ten million. These figures were obtained by an independent body within the EU, and the TUC a few years ago, which carried out extensive research into this. Remember only those in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance are counted as headline figures. Those on employment and support allowance, income credit, those who are sanctioned (about five hundred thousand) according to a recent report in the media, and those on zero hours contracts for starters. And this is how they Hide the Truth in Plain Sight. “There are three kinds of lies. Lies damned lies and statistics”. Benjamin Disraeli.

Txa Relief for Billionaires


The Germany National Socialist Government in the nineteen thirties, spent the money into circulation by spending on public works and so forth, which met and supported the social and economic demand of the times; and when inflationary pressures started to rise, they cut back on spending on public works, and then increased spending on public works when these pressures were reined in.


Under Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB), the Government will request a ‘loan’ of one billion pounds from the Central bank – the Bank of England (BoE) – and the government will give the BoE a GOVERNMENT BOND for the value of one billion pounds, plus interest (of around 15%). So, that Government Bond will show a value of ONE BILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION POUNDS. That privately owned bank, the BoE, will then convert that Government Bond into a bill of exchange and promissory note. The BoE then sells that Government Bond to other banks, for up to ten times the face value of that bond. In other words, they have ‘loaned’ the government ONE BILLION POUNDS and the BoE has instantly made over TEN BILLION POUNDS, for doing nothing!
Around ten other banks then sell that Government Bond to each other, at a reducing value. Therefore, every time the government gets a ‘loan’ from the BoE, all of the bankers get extremely rich! Also, our government then has to repay that ‘loan’ plus interest. But, the reality is that no money was ever ‘loaned’ to our government in the first place and no money ever changed hands, as it was all created out of thin air. With this corrupt banking system, Britain will always be in debt and we will be forever borrowing money. As it is mathematically impossible to pay off the national debt with this banking system, so the British people will be in tax-debt-slavery in perpetuity; unless we do something radically different.

This enormous scam, by corrupt governments and bankers in explained here:


Exactly the same thing happens when you take out a ‘loan’ from a bank or building society, but no ‘LOANS’ ever actually take place, either to individuals or government, as the credit is raised on the basis of a signature, based upon the nation’s and individual’s credit.The Rothschild’s and their cronies only pretend to loan us money, in order to continue our enslavement as tax-debt-slaves.


If you were to borrow £50,000 from the bank, this is paid back immediately, as your signature created this money in the first place, plus the bank clerk’s signature. They then put this in their account, but by sleight of hand, you are led to believe that you owe £50,000 pounds plus the interest and compound interest; so that by the time the interest and compound interest is repaid, you will owe them about three times this amount. If you then deposit this £50,000 in another bank, that bank can then lend this out at ten times this value, plus the principal amount. This is why they have runs on the Bank because- THEY purposely limit the amount of real money in the system to 3%. Therefore, 97% of our money supply is virtual and only exists on a computer screen.


When there is too much money in circulation (inflation), they increase interest rates as much as is required to control inflation creating the downward cycle. This leads to companies laying off people due to prohibitive, interest rates, and individuals cutting back on borrowing for the same reason, leading to a fall off in demand and high levels of unemployment. The higher the interest rates are, the deeper the recession.


The so called boom itself is caused by putting debt into circulation and stimulating a house building programme. They did this under the Thatcher administration, and in the early days of the Blair administration and are doing so at this moment in time, but this time there is a credit crush; so most first time buyers are unable to get on the property ladder anyway.

Beware thr Banksters


All these so called scientific economic theories of fiscal policy (manipulation of interest rates), and monetary policy (control of government spending) are all smoke and mirrors, to make it all look scientific and therefore confusing to the man in the street who then leaves all this “complicated theory” to the ‘experts’.


In the next article I intend to illustrate with historical precedents whereby respective national Governments created their own credit and spent this into circulation interest and debt-free, rather than what we have now under fractional reserve banking, where central banks create the credit and put this into circulation with interest and compound interest with money that is backed by nothing but thin air. And no, it would not be inflationary, like Weimar Germany, as the debt based money would be replaced by Government created credit and put into circulation interest and debt free. It would then be controlled by reining in public spending on public works etc. so as not to have too much money chasing too few goods.

Dafydd Ellis




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