The British People

tbv 4The British people are one of the most indigenous social groups in existence, DNA evidence shows that around 74.9% of the people who make up the English, Scots Welsh and Irish have an ancestry going back over 17,000 years within our Isles. The myth that we are a mongrel race is a fabrication of the Left.

The mongrel race theory, you could say is a modern phenomenon that has only become apparent in the post war era due to uncontrolled immigration. The fact that the indigenous people of Britain are not granted special status is appalling.

Everyone would probably acknowledge the fact that the Maoris of New Zealand are indigenous to those Islands, but how many would know that the Maoris only arrived in New Zealand from East Polynesia in the 13th century.

Europe is slowly being overrun by invaders. The leaders of the EU are useless puppets of the international banking fraternity and don’t care who inhabits their countries. Our people and culture need protection from any further dilution of our national identity. Only a Nationalist government will be able to achieve this.

Join THE BRITISH VOICE and help us to preserve the cultural identity of the British people.

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