THE BRITISH VOICE Annual Conference

TBV Conference 2 Jan 2016


Despite the level of colds and flu running rife through Britain at the moment, along with some family bereavements, a couple of dozen of our members travelled many miles to meet up for our Annual Conference. We had a packed agenda and all subjects were shown on large screen PowerPoint presentations.



The conference gave a huge welcome to our new members, former BNP Derby & Amber Valley Organiser and Derbyshire Sub Regional Organiser, Paul Hilliard and Derby Fund Holder, Adrian Hickman, who have now joined THE BRITISH VOICE. Their main reason for joining us is because our organisation is very open to working with other genuine nationalist organisations and promoting a united front. Paul and Adrian believe, as we do, that principles and our nationalist cause – are far more important than personal or party aspirations.


Paul Hilliard and Adrian Hickman


Conference reviewed recent events and over the past year, such as the many Activist actions; the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting; the Justice for Charlene Downes day in Blackpool; the trial of Pastor James McConnell; the Five Nations project; and British Renaissance.



Our fantastic group of members have made a massive impact upon the hearts and minds of the British public over the past year or so, and THE BRITISH VOICE is now recognised as a major player in the British patriotic nationalist movement. Here’s a collection of activities over the past year…


TBV at the BBC

TBV Stoke out on a regular leafleting session


TBV Stoke team tirelessly getting the message out

St George’s Day celebrations






TBV at the ‘March for England’


NW TBV at the Britannia ‘Immigrant Rape-ugee camp’



Around 20 members of THE BRITISH VOICE attended the annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, which was held in Preston, and it was great to meet up with some of our former nationalist colleagues, and listen to some fantastic speakers. Also, the organisers allowed us to set up a table to hand out leaflets and display our banners. As usual, all of our members paid their own entrance fees and Steve Bradbury and his mum, Edith very kindly donated £150 to cover the cost of the leaflets, which were very well received by our fellow nationalists.


John Tyndall Memorial Meeting







Helen (& Karl) at the Shrewsbury Cenotaph





As well as working with other nationalists in Britain, THE BRITISH VOICE is also working with other nationalist organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Our message is very clear: We will work with any organisation that genuinely seeks to help the indigenous peoples of these islands, and throughout Europe, to regain their democratic right to control their own countries. That said, we wholeheartedly support the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and hope that we can all control our own countries and still be united in our indigenous Cause.


However, we will not support those anti-British Marxist/globalist organisations that seek to divide and conquer the peoples of these isles and throughout Europe. For more information on this point, please see our article:


We look forward to gathering together with all of the genuine nationalist groups in the British Isles – where all of those organisations can fly their own flags and banners and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, to show the anti-British traitors that all of our different groups and countries share the mutual goal of saving our indigenous people. Such action has been a long time coming, but the time has come for everyone to stand together and form a united front. This sort of action is the last thing the enemies of nationalism want to see, because they know that when Britons stand together, we are unbeatable!




After all the ‘Troubles’ over the past 50 years, it was wonderful to see Protestants, Catholics and various Christian denominations, standing together in support of Pastor James McConnell, who was on trial for saying that Islam is heathen and satanic. People came from all over Ireland (both north and south) to support that brave man. On this occasion there were 150 supporters in the public gallery, inside the court, and around forty to fifty outside, and on the first day’s hearing there were a thousand people in and around the court. The judgement was withheld until after Christmas, when it was finally announced that Pastor McConnell was found NOT guilty. It was just as well that this verdict was reached, as anything else may have ignited the ‘powder keg’ of the races and religions that now occupy the British Isles.




Pastor McConnell described Islam as “heathen” and “Satanic”


Pastor McConnell outside court2




Some members of TBV attended a Patriots Lunch, which was arranged by the British Renaissance group, and was attended by people from various nationalist organisations. We were impressed by the willingness of the various attendees to work with other nationalists and we decided to see if we could work together. However, after months of consideration, we decided that, although we are happy to work with all nationalists, it would not be in the best interests of THE BRITISH VOICE to forge a close relationship with the British Renaissance group. But, we wish them luck with genuine nationalist endeavours.


TBV with BritRen



A dozen or so TBV members travelled to Blackpool in support of the Justice for Charlene Downes campaign and we leafleted the busiest area of the town, on that very cold day. It is now over twelve years since Charlene was murdered and Lancashire Police have STILL not convicted anyone for her murder. All of the relevant facts are shown on our leaflet, below, and we look forward to the day when her murderers are brought to justice. Please help with this very worthy cause.


TBV Justice for Charlene Downes 2 - Jan 2016









The following videos are a ‘must watch’ as they will give you all the information you need to convince people that Britain MUST leave the totalitarian EU.

The European Union and why we MUST leave!

Freedom, Justice, Security – Lost to the EU

Imagine you had a Time Machine and you could travel back in time; there are three major events that you would want to warn the British people about, and they are:

The ROMAN Conquest – the Subjugation and Enslavement of the British people;

The NORMAN Conquest – the Subjugation and Enslavement of the British people; and

The EUROPEAN UNION Conquest – the Subjugation and Enslavement of the British people.

Given that advanced knowledge you would NEVER let it happen again!




The terms of Britain’s membership of the EU having been changed, or corrupted, from the European Communities Act 1972 (through a series of treaties) to the Treaty of Lisbon 2009, there is no need to obtain the consent of EU member states to withdraw. Britain can do this under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

Britain only needs their consent under Article 50, which is really aimed at states who wish to remain part of the single market or have some formal relationship with the EU post departure.


Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969
(Signed 23 May 1969; Effective 27 January 1980; Parties as of April 2014: 114).

Article 50
Corruption of a representative of a State

If the expression of a State’s consent to be bound by a treaty has been procured through the corruption of its representative directly or indirectly by another negotiating State, the State may invoke such corruption as invalidating its consent to be bound by the treaty.


Also, after opt out terms under Qualified Majority Voting expire on 31March, 2017, permission for Britain to leave the EU could have to be given by other member states – a constitutional illegality of historic proportions.





A presentation of our accounts was shown to members, which proved that, despite the huge level of theft that took place by the two reprobates that have brought shame upon the good people of Tyneside; our organisation is going from strength to strength.



Angela prepared a very nice buffet for our lunch, as she does for the North West monthly meetings, and she was awarded a special prize for all her efforts, as was Baz for all his support over the past few years. Also, the Prize Raffle was carried out in great fun, with lots of excellent prizes which were all donated by our members.





A very exciting plan of action was presented to the group for the future of THE BRITISH VOICE and it was very well received. When these plans are shared with our patriotic nationalist friends, we can develop all the resources we need in order to regain our country. The full plans cannot be published on the website, as they must remain confidential. However, TBV members that could not make it to our conference and want to learn of the details, along with other genuine patriotic nationalists, should contact us on


You will no doubt remember the mantra from the anti-British traitor, Tony ‘Bliar’: “Education, Education, Education.” He and his traitorous friends went on to bring millions of Immigrant Invaders into OUR country, against the wishes of the British people, and then provided a multitude of benefits for those interloping foreigners, whilst the British people were thrown on the scrapheap and, in many cases, left to starve, and die!


Well, the time has come to place British people – OUR people – first, every time.

To hell with their whinges about racism, as we must now look after OUR PEOPLE!

Patriotic nationalists will lead the way for OUR people to take back control of our lives, and our future, by choosing what to spend and where to spend it; By providing training and jobs for OUR people; Showing OUR people how to use the Common Law to avoid being prosecuted by the anti-British traitors; Spending OUR money in the shops and businesses of OUR people; Educating OUR people in British and moral subjects; Providing interest-free home loans for OUR people; Helping OUR people to do what the Common Purpose agents have been doing for foreigners.


Here’s a list of some of the benefits that OUR people will receive:

British Education, British Education, British Education!

• British Education for children and adults
• Home Schooling Centres
• Summer Schools
• Outdoor Activities (sports/social/training)
• Indoor Activities (sports/social/training)
• British Talent Schools (Music/Singing/Song Writing/Acting)
• Comprehensive Training Courses
• Training in all aspects of British life
• Careers & Hobbies
• Work Placements and Jobs
• Providing interest-free home loans for OUR people
• Using the shops and businesses of OUR people
• Selling our goods and services to OUR people
• All of our projects will be overtly BRITISH causes!


Make no mistake, all of the above can and will be done. It is inevitable that we will HAVE to do this to survive, and that survival starts here!

We need volunteers to come forward and help with these projects and you can be certain that whatever level of skill and knowledge you have to offer, it will be gratefully received by your fellow Britons. Those who are not yet convinced, should continue to read on and see what the anti-British traitors have been doing to help themselves and the Immigrant Invaders!


Information was shared with regard to the secret Bolsjewik Revolution which has been taking place in Britain, for many decades, and the fact that the leaders and agents of that anti-British revolution are the so-called graduates of the “charity” known as Common Purpose (CP) being synonymous with the Communist Party). All of the benefits listed above, and many more, have already been provided for the benefit of the Immigrant Invaders and the Common Purpose agents. The following is a brief outline of Common Purpose (CP) and its anti-British aims, and a thorough insight will be shown in a separate article, shortly.




This hidden Bolsjewik revolution is taking place, under our noses! The traitors are ALL making money out of it and they’re being protected, so that they’ll help to destroy the British people! So, how are they doing it?
Those involved in Common Purpose (CP) must adopt the ‘Chatham House Rule’, which means they must never discuss CP with anyone outside of CP meetings; they must not mention CP at all, including their meeting agenda, training methods, venues, speakers or other members. Whatever they discuss, it is never divulged publicly. If they do so, they may be excommunicated. The Chatham House Rule conceals the fact that this “charity” is actually a political subversion unit, which is subverting and overthrowing our nation. The same method is used by that older anti-British subversive organisation, known as The Fabian Society. The ethos of Common Purpose and the Fabian Society are identical and both are focused upon destroying Britain.

What is the Chatham House Rule?

…‘The Chatham House Rule, or rules, is a system for holding debates and discussion panels on controversial issues, named after the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (situated in St James’s Square, London), also known as Chatham House, where the rule originated in June 1927…

At a meeting held under the Chatham House Rule, anyone who comes to the meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but is not allowed to reveal who made any comment. It is designed to increase openness of discussion’…

The time has come for patriotic nationalist organisations to start using the Chatham House Rule, which will ensure that our plans remain confidential and our Cause can enjoy the protection that Common Purpose and the Fabian Society have used, for many years.

You can read the full article on Common Purpose coming soon on this website.



Conference was informed of the information shown below, which should NOT be missed! Everyone that is aware of the enormous level of corruption that goes on in Britain, day after day, KNOWS that there is something desperately wrong with British society and it needs to be put right. Many people often say…

“Come the patriotic revolution, THEN we’ll take our country back…”


But, what if there’s another way? What if we don’t need a war? What if no blood has to be shed? What if the British people do not have to work hard to gain our freedom? What if we can get everyone involved in freeing the British people? What if people can actually be FINANCIALLY REWARDED for helping to free the British people?!


If you can see the logic in any of the above statements, then you should ALL attend the following meeting, as THIS is probably the best opportunity you will ever come across to remove the bankster’s grip on our lives!


Launch date – Saturday 13th February 2016 – 10am till 5pm
The Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, L3 5QB



Please pass this news to EVERYONE you know, as it may be the most significant event in recent history, and you will NOT want to miss it!

Think about the mechanism the banksters use to hold us in slavery… and think of how FREE we will be when we shake off their shackles!

We are ALL held in tax debt slavery through the ‘National Debt’, so come along and learn ways of doing without banksters!

If you have ever had a loan or mortgage, you have been conned and you can get your money back!

If you are not sure and think it may be another PPI scam; you need to realise that the PPI scam pales into insignificance compared to the banking scam, which has secretly existed for centuries, bleeding people dry whilst the chosen few get filthy rich!

This is NOT one of those phony scams to take money off you; it’s to help YOU to keep your money and get lots of money back from the banks!



I will be there – will YOU?

  • Rose of England

    Excellent write up, lets hope that everyone will take note of all the very important information contained in it.

    The mass action against the banks is wonderful news, at last the people can fight back against those corrupt banking officials, who know that what they are doing is lying and deceiving everyone who has or had a mortgage or loan. Come on everyone of you who want to get back at the banksters, support this excellent action, don’t forget the time and place:

    Saturday 13th February 2016 – 10am till 5pm

    The Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, L3 5QB


    Great Pictures and articles, I see you’ve got Paul, Mike and Pete there, all Ex long standing BNP members that have obviously got wise as to what they were funding back at Wigton .

  • Camulod

    Hello ROCHAL,

    Yes, the vast majority of our members are former BNP members.

    Some people left because of the appalling and unconstitutional manner in which Nick Griffin was expelled from that party, and many others were expelled for simply asking legitimate questions of the new totalitarian regime at the BNP.

    However, this was never about whether BNP members wanted Nick Griffin or Adam Walker (or anyone else for that matter) to lead the party; it was about honesty, integrity and honour – principles which are NOT held by the current BNP leadership.

    Whilst 99% of the BNP members are and will remain our friends, we will not have anything to do with Walker, Jefferson, Harrington, Wythe, Barnett or O’Loughlin.

    They are lying about many things.

    • ROCHAL

      The ONLY way forward at this time is for all Nationalist groups to come together, I think the reason various leaders have been against the amalgamation in the distant past stems from senior management of certain groups being worried about losing a position of financial security and some that have purposely been working within to keep Nationalism segmented and weak.
      No one will always agree with what every other Nationalist thinks or says but we all work towards the same goal and that’s what should be keeping us together.
      There is no way an extremely brave group of Nationalists should be abused and outnumbered on the streets of some Muslim run town whist hundreds of Nationalists sit at home knowing what a great job the brave men and women are trying to do to try and secure a future for our Great grand children because “IT’S NOT OUR GROUP “. That’s absolute crap, it’s exactly what the “keep divided and conquer ” schemers outside and inside Nationalism want to happen.
      It will be all to obvious if we ever had the common sense to get together and frighten the hell out of the Liberal Leftist Muslim appeaser and anti-Christian establishment who the people were that were only a part of us for personal profit or to try and split us up, they would be only to conspicuous by their absence.
      The real leaders of our movement are the organisers and leaders that may have given hundreds and thousands of pounds of their own money over the many years that they’ve fought to defend Nationalism not the otherwise unemployed self appointed officer with some hidden agenda.
      We are on the streets against Muslim paedophiles and parasitic vermin taking money from the “kitty” we taxpayers have paid into so we don’t have to work till we drop and against our own Liberal PC perverts backed by a Politcal Police force.
      No Nationalist group regardless of how extremely brave and well organised they are can do this on their own, they are akin to a militia or cannon fodder.
      I realize controlling huge numbers of people and keeping order is a mega operation and there will have to be extremely strict rules enforced regarding attitudes and behaviour, dress codes and such and respect for management will have to determine who would be allowed attendance.
      The answer is with us as I see it, play at it while thousands more immigrants take over or stand united to show how many we really are.

      • Camulod


        You and I have campaigned on the streets many times over the past ten years, and I agree with most your comments.

        The big stumbling blocks, of course, are Personalities, Money and Name of organisation: some people want to be the leader, come-what-may and they place this above everything else. Others believe that the name of THEIR organisation is a more established brand, so we must all join them. And, perhaps the biggest stumbling block is money – trusting the people in charge of the purse strings.

        Although nationalism is FAR more respectable and its members FAR more trustworthy than the controlled political organisations, there are still people that we don’t trust, sometimes with good reason, other times through hearsay evidence of corruption.

        Nationalists have failed to agree on these points, for years, and therefore we have to do the next best thing, which is work together and still be in different organisations, which is what we are now doing. We at THE BRITISH VOICE do NOT receive any financial reward, whatsoever, for doing this work and every last one of us voluntarily works for the benefit of the BRITISH people, and we pay for that privilege out of our own pockets.

        British nationalism WILL succeed, because it MUST!

  • James Garner

    It’s great to see so many established and genuine nationalists now involved with The British Voice. It’s also pleasing to see the high levels of honesty and transparency in the party; unlike other so called nationalist or patriotic movements; who seem more concerned with supporting Israel, or lining their own pockets than furthering the cause.

    Let’s hope 2016 is the year we see a rejuvenation of genuine British nationalism, and the fakes and freeloaders disappear from the scene.

    • Camulod

      Hello James,

      Yes, we are moving forward and becoming known as a political organisation with principles – which is very unusual these days.

      You are right about certain other so-called nationalist or patriotic movements, as some of them will support anyone or anything that pays them. Whereas, nobody in THE BRITISH VOICE is paid anything, not even a penny.

      But, it’s very encouraging to know that THE BRITISH VOICE is not alone, as there are others who are like us and we need to work with those people, as often as possible.

      Historically, some nationalist organisations are reluctant to even stand with fellow nationalists – often due to old rivalries and mistrust – and on the odd times that they HAVE stood together, the leadership whinge that the other parties only came along so that they could wave their own flags and banners.

      But that’s exactly what we need – all of the patriotic nationalists standing together, shoulder to shoulder, WITH ALL OF OUR BANNERS RAISED – this would terrify the scumbags on the left, and it would prove to the British people that patriotic nationalists are united in our Cause for the people of these islands to regain our democracy and country.

      Also, we don’t have to be in the same party to succeed. From the political perspective, it doesn’t matter which nationalist party they vote for, as long as we’re all pulling in the same direction. This sort of cohesive attitude will prove to the people that nationalists do NOT do this for any reward, financial or otherwise…

      We do it for OUR PEOPLE!

  • JohnRice

    For a small organisation you have had a very impressive years activity. I am not a fan of Nick Griffin and hold him mainly responsible for the demise of British Nationalism, as far as I can judge your organisation is made up with supporters of his. The vast majority of BNP members left the party due to him, the party in the south east crumbled five or six years ago and the region is now a waste land for Nationalism. I think it is time to move on and forget the BNP, such groups as yourself and the BDP could surely work together, if you put the the past behind you.

  • Camulod

    Hello John,

    Thanks, but we want to be busier! As we’ve got a lot to do to wake people up to the EU scam.

    Our members have mixed feelings about NG, but at least when he was in charge, I didn’t witness anyone being expelled for simply asking questions, and I was on the conduct committee for a few years.

    You mentioned the BDP, but just as many people have a problem with Andrew Brons and Eddy Butler, so we’ve got to move away from personalities and work together in our separate organisations.

    WE are very happy to put the past behind us.

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