THE BRITISH VOICE would like to wish YOU a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


A Message of Hope for 2016


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Christmas - British tradition


The majority of people in Parliament are members of secret societies, such as the Order of Freemasons, Common Purpose and the Fabian Society, the latter being mostly members of the Labour Party. The Fabian Society is the most duplicitous of all, as for over 100 years, their Coat of Arms was a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’. That logo might as well have carried the words: “We, the Labour Party-controlled Fabian Society, are a bunch of corrupt LIARS and we have tricked you into trusting us.”


Also, the bankster-puppet of the Conservative Party that ‘leads’ Great Britain – Cameron, the Rothschild spawn – has taken Britain to war in Syria, ostensibly to fight their own creation – ISIS – but the reality is that Cameron and the limp-wristed Antichrist, known as Obama, are acting under instruction from their globalist masters. Their plan is to takeover every country east of the Mediterranean Sea, so they can recreate the original ‘UK’, the one that our country was named after – ‘The United Kingdom of Israel’ – so that their masters can rule the world from Jerusalem. And, who owns 80% of Israel? Lo and behold, it’s the same Rothschild dynasty that controls the British and American governments.


UK of Israel



The puppets in the British and American governments will stop at nothing and they’re quite prepared to start WW3 with Russia and Iran to get what they want – global dominion – resulting in the total enslavement of every man, woman and child. Thankfully, Mr Putin is a far better man than the above bankster puppets and, ironically, Russia is now the most nationalist country in the world.


If you’ve read about the Bolsjewik Revolution of Russia, you will be aware that when the Reds captured that country, they destroyed virtually every religious building in Russia and most of the priests were murdered and the Nuns were raped and murdered. But, not one of the synagogues was touched or closed, in fact they proliferated – why do you suppose that is? Now that Russia has broken free of the Bolsjewik stranglehold, its people are now allowed to practice their religion in peace – the vast majority of whom are Christians, incidentally – and they are no longer anywhere near as oppressed as the British people are.


So, with all this bad news, how can we speak of hope?


British pub


The hope mentioned above refers to the preservation of our freedom and the customs and traditions that we have enjoyed for millennia, which are being taken from us, against our will. The British people are now waking up to the duplicitous methods of the evil lying traitorous politicians, and the true patriots now have many methods of exposing the deceit of the guilty ones. All of those methods are completely lawful, but very damaging to the traitors being exposed. 2016 will see many of those traitors exposed and the names of the guilty ones will be cast in stone for all to see, just in case they think they’ve got away with it! The old parties with their heads deep in the trough of greed and corruption are about to come crashing down – freedom is at hand!


In 2016, THE BRITISH VOICE will be heard loud and clear, not just from us, but from all of the patriotic nationalists of the British Isles, who are united under the ‘Five Nations’ banner, of saving the English, Scottish, Welsh & Northern Irish people, and our brothers and sisters in Ireland. Collectively, we WILL stop the evil ones dragging us into a war against the last bastion of the white race – Russia – which is the only remaining nationalist country in the world.


If the Russian people can regain their freedom, so can we!


We all want peace, but peace without justice is no peace at all, it’s merely appeasement and nationalists will never engage in appeasement! We will not rest until the British people are free and in control of Great Britain, the land of our fathers and our birthright, which no-one will take away from us. Globalist banksters and traitorous politicians think they have safely trapped the British people into believing their lies, but that bubble will surely burst when the truth hits the fan!


That day is coming and it can’t come soon enough. Very soon everyone will understand that we don’t have to suffer wars; the totalitarian European Union and the United Nations; globalist rule; corrupt politicians; establishment paedophiles; high taxes; poverty; mass immigration; unemployment; zero hour contracts; the breakdown of our society; the erosion of our freedom. The indigenous people of these isles will, once again, realise that our Constitution acknowledges that taxation is consensual and if we, the people, don’t like the way we are being ruled, we can simply withdraw our consent to be taxed and ruled.


In 2016, the answer to taking back control of our nations – without lifting a finger – will be explained very clearly, through lawful means, and the corrupt politicians and their globalist masters will no longer have dominion over us. The coming year will see major breakthroughs in the way patriots stand together, on a worldwide scale! For example, it will be proven that we do NOT need a referendum to escape from the evil European Union and that we do NOT need to ask for anyone’s permission to leave it!


EU - get us out

EU - Better off out



The terms of Britain’s membership of the EU having been changed, or corrupted, from the European Communities Act 1972 (through a series of treaties) to the Treaty of Lisbon 2009, there is no need to obtain the consent of EU member states to withdraw. Britain can do this under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

Britain only needs their consent under Article 50, which is really aimed at states who wish to remain part of the single market or have some formal relationship with the EU post departure.

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969
(Signed 23 May 1969; Effective 27 January 1980; Parties as of April 2014: 114).

Article 50
Corruption of a representative of a State

If the expression of a State’s consent to be bound by a treaty has been procured through the corruption of its representative directly or indirectly by another negotiating State, the State may invoke such corruption as invalidating its consent to be bound by the treaty.


Also, after opt out terms under Qualified Majority Voting expire on 31st March, 2017, permission for Britain to leave the EU could have to be given by other member states – a constitutional illegality of historic proportions.’

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!



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