Without permission from the indigenous peoples of the British Isles – the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish – millions of immigrant invaders are being brought to our land and they are being used as Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction, in order to bring about the genocide of our indigenous peoples. We, the people, have never sanctioned the immigration of Negroids and/or Mongoloids into our land, as their cultures are radically different to ours and such a clash of civilisations cannot end well.




There is no excuse for these appalling anti-indigenous actions by our despotic bankster puppet politicians and whatever excuse they choose this week, next week, next month or next year, the truth will remain – that they are purposely destroying our people and our Homeland. Even if there WAS a valid excuse, such action must still be sanctioned by our people, but we haven’t even been consulted, because the politicians know damn well that they would NEVER receive a mandate from the indigenous people of these isles.




Under the terms of our country’s Constitution such actions are acts of Treason against our Crown and our People which are capital offences. And, as the perpetrators are members of our own government, these actions are tantamount to actions of Civil War! Our Monarch is a virtual prisoner in Buckingham Palace, like a bird in a gilded cage, and the Members of the House of Traitors & Frauds serve the banking fraternity, instead of the indigenous people.



Buckingham Palace – is it a ‘gilded cage’?


Furthermore, even if our Monarch IS in agreement with the politicians on bringing about the destruction of our indigenous peoples – which is possible but highly unlikely – it would still be Treason. Because we, the People, have not and will never sanction our own demise. The world must be informed that this, so-called “democracy” that we live under – which is now being “exported” to Middle Eastern countries – is a massive scam which is designed to give the appearance of democracy, without the substance of it.


Unfortunately, the indigenous peoples of these isles are no longer able to march on Parliament, brandishing the modern day equivalent of pitchforks, to demand justice for our people and our progeny, as we are no longer allowed any weapons to protect ourselves and our families. The banksters-puppets have decreed that another aspect of our country’s Constitution – The Right to Bear Arms – is no longer allowed, which means they have committed another act of Treason; another capital offence.


Beware: The spirit of 1642, 1776 & 1789 could return to punish the despots!




The banksters’ puppets who sit in the House of Traitors & Frauds, pontificating to the people, along with their corrupt Masonic friends in the Police, Judiciary and Establishment – many of whom are immigrant-invaders and the offspring of the same – seem to believe they are a law unto themselves; they are not and they never will be. They will ultimately be brought to account for their many transgressions against the indigenous peoples of these isles and ‘there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth’  when they are ‘thrust out’. Luke 13:28


Maybe Prime Minister May will deliver democracy and expel all of the immigrant-invaders who have unlawfully invaded our land without the permission of the people….. and maybe pigs will fly!





Not to worry; we have very long memories and one day, the British people will wake up !





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