The Labour (Communist) Party’s betrayal of the British working class





How on earth can Britain’s youngsters believe Jeremy Corbyn and the lying Labour (Communist) Party?


The naive youngsters may say: What is so bad about Communism, as it’s about protecting the working class?


  • The Communist Manifesto was created by Karl (Mordecai) Marx and it was a complete pretence of anti-capitalism, to control the masses;
  • Although Communism was supposed to help the people, it was designed for and on behalf of the banksters, to enslave the world;
  • Millions of people were encouraged to put their faith in Communism, as it would ‘protect ordinary folk from those horrible capitalists’;
  • Workers would no longer need to fend, or even think, for themselves, as the Communist leaders would do their thinking for them;
  • Trade Unions would be established to protect the workers’ interests and their jobs would be secured for life – which is a pack of lies;
  • For a few pounds a month, you could be “Part of the Union” and the union would negotiate with the bosses on your behalf – if you’re lucky;
  • When the unions came, all bosses were considered as bad people, including the decent even-handed bosses, just because they were employers;
  • The classic system of ‘divide and conquer’ had been created by Karl (Mordecai) Marx to turn all workers against all employers;
  • The so-called “class war” had begun and it was considered legitimate to hate your employer and want to see him fail – regardless of the truth;
  • In reality, it doesn’t matter to the Unions whether or not you lose your job, as long as those in work stay with the union and keep paying;
  • The Trade Union movement is 100% in support of mass-immigration, which is an act of genocide against the indigenous Caucasoid British;
  • Even when you’re unemployed and GB industry is destroyed, the unions claim a moral victory, by blaming those job-providing employers;
  • Communism was laid bare when Bolsjewik immigrants staged a bloody revolution and 60 million indigenous Russians were slaughtered;
  • One of the immigrant murderers, Leon (Bronstein) Trotsky, had regularly played chess with the capitalist Baron Rothschild, in Vienna;
  • Baron Rothschild was the wealthiest “capitalist” banker in the world and he financed that revolution via his associate banker, Jacob Schiff;
  • WHY in God’s name would the top bankers finance Communist revolutions if Communism was, in truth, anti-capitalist? – It was a scam!
  • It wasn’t simply a case of war casualties; it was a premeditated massacre of the middle and upper classes of Russia, by foreign immigrants;
  • 60 million Christians were massacred by Communist Bolsjewiks in the USSR; horrifically butchered, by one hundred thousand immigrants;
  • The 384 Commissars included: 13 Russians; 2 Negros; 15 Chinese; 22 Armenians and over 300 Jews, 264 of which were from the USA;
  • To send a message to all the Royal families throughout the world, Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra and all of their children were murdered;
  • It was also a concealed ‘religious war’ and virtually all Christian priests, bishops and nuns were horrifically tortured and murdered in cold blood;
  • Like Britain, Russia was a Christian country and the Bolsjewiks murdered everyone that they found practicing any form of Christianity;
  • Almost all churches were burned to the ground, along with the buildings of other religions, with the sole exception of synagogues;
  • Lenin (Ulianov), Trotsky & Stalin were all mass-murderers; Stalin is estimated to be responsible for the murder of at least 20 million people;
  • Leon Trotsky INVENTED the word ‘Racism’ purely to silence the ethnic Russians, who did not wish to be ruled by “foreign-immigrants”;
  • Joseph Stalin (aka Djugashvili – which translates to ‘son of a Jew’) introduced the death sentence for anti-Semitism; for simply identifying Jews;
  • Those Soviet Communists then taught the Chinese and others around the world, how to murder millions of people in the name of Communism;
  • Communism is NOT cool; it is not ‘good’ in any way; it is not pro-people; it is evil and satanic, just like the murderers who advocated it;
  • Communists murderers: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Yagoda, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Min, Mao Tse-tung, Che Guevara, slaughtered c.150 million people;
  • Genrikh Yagoda carried out executions and was directly responsible for the Holodomor murders of 7 million people in one year, 1935;
  • Genrikh Yagoda (which translates to ‘Henry the Jew’) is estimated to have been directly responsible for the murder of 12 million people;
  • Deviant Communists have virtually destroyed the culture, religion, livelihood, family life and wholesome values of the Western world;
  • The Communist Manifesto advocates the free movement of people and the removal of all borders, just like the Communist European Union;
  • The ‘Free Movement of People’ policy of the European Union is bringing over 600,000 immigrant-invaders to Britain, EVERY YEAR;
  • The ‘Single Market’ policy of the European Union is a mechanism to control and enslave all of the indigenous peoples of Europe;
  • When the Blair / Brown Labour government took over, in 1997, the level of immigration increased to TEN TIMES more than it had ever been;
  • The indigenous Caucasoid peoples of Europe (Caucasoidia) are being destroyed and out-bred in our own land, due to Communist policies;
  • In 1924, Communists created the Frankfurt School and its deviant and destructive ‘eleven points’ are NOW used to pervert the Western world;
  • The Frankfurt School advocates mass drunkenness, drugging, breakdown of marriage, sexual deviancy, destruction of families and the church;
  • The Paedo Labour Party introduced sexual deviancy into British infant schools, by the teaching of sex to four and five year old children (babies);
  • The Paedo Labour Party introduced enforced graphic sex education, forcing primary school children to place condoms onto phallic symbols;
  • The Labour Party enforced the finger printing of eleven year old school children to purchase school meals; their ID is then passed to globalists;
  • Many Labour politicians, including Corbyn, Benn, Wilson, Brown etc were formerly members of the Communist Party of Great Britain;
  • When Labour’s Gordon Brown was elected to Parliament, in 1983, his £500 candidate deposit was paid by the Communist Party of Scotland;
  • Most Labour MPs are members of the Communist Fabian Society, who, for 100 years used a trademark image of a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’;
  • The Labour (Communist) Party’s own seniority club, the Fabian Society has been indicating for a century that Labour’s politicians are LIARS;
  • The Labour Union boss, Jack Jones, was outed as a Communist spy for the Soviets – for 50 years – throughout all of the above mass-murders;
  • Given the above information, how could ANYONE believe that the murderous practices of Communism are in any way, ‘good’ for people?!
  • The reason most brainwashed youngsters give for adopting the Communist mantra is that they want PEACE and harmony in the world!
  • How can Communism bring peace and harmony when their protagonist leaders have a history of the mass-murder of 150 million people?
  • The Communist BBC, which bears a Paedophile’s sculpture over its front door, has supported the Paedo Labour Party, inc Jimmy Savile etc;
  • The Labour Party was the first government to start bringing Negroid and Mongoloid immigrant-invaders into working class neighbourhoods;
  • As soon as Labour began filling Britain with immigrants, they stole indigenous British children from their parents and sent them to Australia;
  • The Labour Party started the GENOCIDE of the indigenous British people, by replacing us with foreigners and breeding us out of existence;
  • Labour Party-controlled councils all over Britain turned a blind eye to the Muslim paedophile grooming, beating and raping of our children;
  • The guilty Labour-controlled council towns were: Rochdale, Oldham, Rotherham, Bradford, Blackpool, Oxford, Telford and many more;
  • The Labour Party-controlled Rotherham council allowed a minimum of 1,400 children to be raped by mostly Muslim immigrant-invaders;
  • The Labour Party was in control of councils where indigenous youngsters were brutally murdered by immigrants; without any convictions;
  • The Labour Party caused many thousands of indigenous Caucasoid British children to be molested, beaten, drugged and raped, by immigrants;
  • 60 Labour Party officials, inc MP aides, Mayors, School Governors, Councillors etc have been convicted of child molestation and paedophilia;
  • Several Labour Party Government Ministers and Peers have been involved in paedophile activities, including Deputy Leader Harriet Harman;
  • The Labour Party’s deputy leader Harriet Harman and her MP husband Jack Dromey, were connected to the Paedophile Information Exchange;
  • The Labour25 website exposes all of the child molestation and child rapes by Labour Party Officials:



The Labour Party and the BBC have always promoted and supported paedophiles. Eric Gill, British sculptor, Fabian, Communist and paedophile was commissioned by the BBC to create a perverted statue for Broadcasting House. Gill’s personal diaries describe his sexual activity in great detail, including extramarital affairs, incest with his two eldest teenage daughters, incestuous relationships with his sisters, and sexual acts on his dog.







The above list could go on forever, as the number of appalling atrocities, by Communists, supported by the Labour Party, is endless. The Nobel Prize Winner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, has written several books documenting the appalling atrocities of Communism. He spent many years in a Soviet Gulag, and he personally witnessed the appalling murders by the Bolsjewik Communists. Also, virtually every former Soviet satellite country held huge celebrations when the USSR collapsed, just as the British people will, when we escape from the Communist European Union. People in those satellite countries were not allowed to fly their own country’s flag – just as the British people who fly the flag of St George and the Union Jack are demonised as being nasty people. Evidently, it’s okay to fly the Scottish and Welsh flags, but anyone flying the Union Jack or the flags of England and Northern Ireland are demonised as “far right”, which is an attempt to cast a slur against indigenous Caucasoid British patriotic peoples.






The DUP have come to the assistance of Theresa May’s government. A year or so ago, I had the pleasure of meeting several members of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), including Sammy Wilson, Member of Parliament for East Antrim. They were also joined by Catholics and were supporting Pastor James McConnell, who was being prosecuted for speaking his mind, with regard to Islam. Quite correctly, Pastor McConnell was found NOT guilty, and any other decision would have been totally unlawful and against our nation’s Constitution. Despite the scare stories that the press put out about Northern Ireland, I found everyone there to be extremely friendly, polite and lovely people. Thank God for the DUP!




It has been said that many thousands of young people voted for the Labour Party in the 2017 General Election and if that is true; why did they do so? Do they still believe that the Labour Party represents the interests of the indigenous British men and women, as opposed to the globalist banksters? It seems as though they do! You would have thought that the freely available knowledge on the internet would enable those youngsters to discover the truth about the Labour Party.


Before I continue, I must make it very clear that being anti-Labour does NOT mean that I am pro-Tory, Lib-Dem, Green, or any other globalist party; but, on this one and only occasion, I voted tactically for Theresa May – purely for Brexit to continue until we British are free from the EU, once again. The youngsters have been conned by Jeremy Corbyn because, they say, “Corbyn is more like us.” By “more like us” do they mean that he is a scruffy liar that cannot be trusted any more than his Labour Party colleagues Tony Blair and Gordon Brown could? Is THAT how they see themselves; if so, they really ought to look beyond the scruffy appearance to see if there is anything real and substantive about Mr Corbyn.


Right up to the EU Referendum, Jeremy Corbyn had been against the EU for 40 years and, just like his mentor, Tony Wedgewood Benn, he would attack the evil EU whenever he could. But, when he became the Leader of the Labour Party, immediately prior to the EU Referendum, Mr Corbyn went distinctly quiet on the subject of the EU and then actually stated that he was in the REMAIN camp! Had Mr Corbyn LIED for 40 years, or did he become a liar when he was elected as Leader of the Labour Party? It is clearly the latter, which makes him every bit as bad as the Tony Blair’s and David Cameron’s of the British political scene.


Like many of the above mentioned youngsters, I too was a Labour voter and voted for those wolves in sheep’s clothing for many years, believing that the Labour Party was still what our parents envisaged all those years ago. But, when Blair was very quickly outed as Labour-Party-LIAR-in-Chief, I realised he was a ‘semi’ male version of Margaret Thatcher and he was firmly under the control of the globalists. Then, when he took our country into a completely illegal war with Iraq, over non-existent ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, against the wishes of the vast majority of Britons across the political divide, I realised that our so-called Prime Minister was nothing more than a lapdog to the President of the USA – the other clown, better known as George W Bush.


Anyone caring to type ‘Miranda Blair’ into their search engine will see what sort of individual he was. The final nail in the coffin of Blair AND the Labour Party was the murder of Dr David Kelly, who had been employed by the British Ministry of Defence, as a member of the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq, to establish whether or not Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). Dr Kelly’s subsequent report was unequivocal that there were NO WMD’s in Iraq and effectively the Blair LIE of why Britain had gone to war with another sovereign nation, which wrought death and destruction to better part of a million Iraqi people, and that country, was finally exposed.


Dr Kelly could NOT be allowed to live, and history has shown that HE did not survive the secret storm that would inevitably kill him, simply for exposing the truth of how the people of Britain and America were tricked into an illegal invasion of a sovereign country and killing hundreds of thousands of people, including a great many British and American service people. Dr Kelly was clearly murdered by person or persons unknown, but the “story” was that the doctor had committed suicide, which was complete and utter BOLLOCKS – pardon my outburst, but the man was murdered! Incidentally, due to the fact that Dr Kelly worked on some very sensitive projects, he always stressed to his friends that if he is ever found ‘dead in the woods’, he did NOT do it himself – he WAS found dead in the woods and he did NOT do it himself! Read the book: ‘The Strange Death of David Kelly’, by Norman Baker, or simply read this article that was published in The Telegraph, ten years after that ‘strange death’.




Before the advent of the internet, information was relatively difficult to find and the truth of lots of things was easily buried, but since we’ve had the internet, a world of information has been brought to our finger tips and the LIES of the treacherous bankster-puppets are now laid bare. We oldies are light years behind the youngsters in terms of technology, but WE can see the truth as clear as daylight; so WHY can’t the youngsters see it? The answer can only be that they don’t WANT to see the truth and they would rather swallow this Labour Party tripe, than expose those phoneys for what they are – despicable lying bastards, that have conned the British people into believing that their vote will be safe with Labour!



Labour General Election Fraud 2017 – PETITION


 Important Petition click on link to sign the petition


‘I am signing this petition because thousands, maybe millions, of youngsters have been brainwashed into believing that Communism is, in some twisted way, a good thing! And, they have been encouraged to drive Britain toward Communism, via Corbyn and the Labour Party.

I use the word ‘Communism’ to describe the Labour Party, because that party is a Communist party, but Labour politicians know that if they used that name, they’d never be elected.

Those of us who have NOT been brainwashed by the Commie state education system know that c.150 million people have been murdered by Communists – 60 million Christians were massacred by Communist Bolsjewiks in the USSR.

Communism is NOT cool; it is not ‘good’ in any way; it is not pro-people; it is evil and satanic, just like the murderers who advocated it: It was created by the bankster-puppet Karl (Mordecai) Marx and carried out by: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Yagoda, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Min, Mao Tse-tung, Che Guevara, etc.  It is claimed that Joe Stalin, the Communist mass-murderer of at least 20 million people, said: “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

Those counting the votes, in Britain, often turn a blind eye to electoral corruption, especially when that corruption favours Labour. I and many others have witnessed it, first hand, and the authorities do nothing about it. In 2005, a British Queens Counsel, Richard Mawrey QC, presiding over electoral corruption charges against Labour Party politicians, said:

“Anybody who has sat through the case and listened to evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic”...

Electoral fraud must be stopped.’



  • Camulod


    This is happening to the UK and Europe now. It is quite clearly speeding up and will get much worse.

    I talk to many people who can see this, but almost all of them have no hope of change and seem resigned to their own demise. They all fear for their children’s future as I do. This isn’t the bulldog spirit that I was instilled in me from a young age.

    Interestingly, I have also had 3 Sikhs openly discuss the Muz problem with me recently. All 3 of them started the conversation because
    they are desperate and know what is coming. Many of them have been fighting them in this country for years as well as the hundreds of years in India and Pakistan. The Muz and others have been imported to do the dirty work of the elite Jews aided by the treasonous controllers. Their agenda is to take over and the controllers are helping them whilst we pay for them with our taxes.

    Somalian drug gangs are amongst them, but any non white group in this country is now a potential threat as well as Romanians and others.

    I read that the evil communist Corbyn and his traitor party are planning a 1m people activist march to oust May. If they get into power, the country will be well and truly finished.

    I am very proud to say that I never voted Labour and never will. The trouble is, there is no electable party to vote for anymore.

    As for the young, they have been sold lie after lie in the classrooms of our communist education system. The same institutions that
    are in collaboration with the politicians and the old bill to allow our daughters to be raped and murdered. All treasonous scum.

    I am educating my children with the truth, it is not easy.

  • Camulod


    Michael Walsh

    spectre of an octogenarian Jew ominously hovers over the European
    Union. Doyen of capitalist investors, George Soros is on a mission to
    tear down Europe’s defences. His aim is to reap a harvest of 550 million
    peoples in pursuit of his manic one-world agenda.

    graduated from the London School of Economics in 1954, Soros became
    consumed with a passion for meddling in international currencies.

    serial killer of nations, George Soros first came to public notoriety
    when in September 1992 (Black Wednesday) he withdrew £1 billion from
    Britain’s financial markets.

    a consequence there was panic among speculators and Britain’s pension
    funds evaporated. The bank robbing parasites of Threadneedle Street took
    to their heels with their pinstriped pockets bulging with Britain’s
    hard-earned reserves.
    The Bankers’ Bolshevik

    The Bankers’ Bolshevik
    The danger lays in the largesse the currency meddler showers over the European Union’s controlling elite; power …

  • Camulod


    Dear Mr Cotterill

    In the early hours of this morning listening to the election results slowly being announced, I was feeling quite gloomy! First the exit polls were a surprise, then Labour began to hold and win seats, this was all too much, so off to bed I went. A few hours later, on awakening I switched the radio on and was faced with what seemed like a political disaster.

    However as the day progressed the picture became clearer, and nowhere near the disaster I had first thought. I had always feared that if Mrs May had an enormous majority the genuinely hard Brexiteers would be unable to hold the Prime Ministers feet to the fire, if she began to lose some of her apparent enthusiasm for a tough Brexit.

    The next thing to cheer me up was to learn that my constituency (Stoke on Trent South) had for the first time in eighty years elected a Conservative (Jack Brereton) and given the boot to (Robb Flello) Labour. The other bit of good news was that to form a government Mrs May would need to persuade the members of other parties to help, especially when it came to a crucial vote. I was obviously delighted, when it was announced that the Democratic Unionists were the ones who were going to help.

    The D.U.P are no wishy washy liberals, and hold to good Christian morals, which held us in good stead for many centuries, in fact until quite recently. Yours most sincerely. Philip Sandland. Stoke on Trent

    Printed in today’s Staffordshire Sentinel

  • Camulod


    ‘This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII

    Read more:

    ‘People whistled and sang. There was still the United Kingdom, our country, which we had fought for, our freedom, democracy. But where is it now?!’

    ‘I sing no song for the once-proud country that spawned me,’ wrote a sailor who fought the Japanese in the Far East, ‘and I wonder why I ever tried.’

    ‘My patriotism has gone out of the window,’ said another ex-serviceman.

    They feel, in a word that leaps out time and time again, ‘betrayed’.

    ‘This Land of Hope and Glory is just a land of yobs and drunks’

    New Labour, said one ex-commando who took part in the disastrous Dieppe raid in which 4,000 men were lost, was ‘more of a shambles than some of the actions I was in during the war, and that’s saying something!’

    He added: ‘Those comrades of mine who never made it back would be appalled if they could see the world as it is today.

    ‘They would wonder what happened to the Brave New World they fought so damned hard for.’

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