The Muslim Colonisation of BRITAIN-ISTAN !


One hundred thousand Muslims gather in a park in Birmingham - England - Great Britain


How much longer will YOU have a country ?


• English Law prohibits denizens (foreign nationals) from holding public office. Yet British politicians ignore this law and encourage foreign nationals to public office. THAT is Treason against the indigenous British. And for whom will those foreign nationals have sympathy once in office ?

• British Parliament refuses to limit immigration to our country. Islamic immigrants refuse to integrate, but create their own exclusive neighbourhoods.

• Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion which benefits from the freedom to worship in western free society – thus to occupy.

• To Islam, wherever you can hear the call to prayer is considered Islamic territory. So why do you suppose they install such large loudspeakers on their minarets ? Many Muslims claim ownership of Britain already and work tirelessly to that end.

• The Labour Party’s Islamic MP Shahid Malik wants a Muslim Prime Minister and Parliament in Westminster.

• To Islam, a mosque represents a seat of government, a command centre, a court, a military training centre and an arms depot.

…“A mosque is our barracks, the domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets and the faithful are our soldiers”… (Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan)

It is alleged that 80% of mosques in the West teach and preach jihad. Mosque leaders today raise religious decrees, enforce Islamic doctrine, monitor conduct, punish transgressors and command actions including requirements to conduct Jihad. A mosque, therefore, is much more than merely a place of worship. In 21st century Great Britain, you can hardly go anywhere without being spied on by cameras, which are monitored by anti-British traitors. Cameras are on the streets of towns and villages, in shops, community centres, buses, trains and even in our churches. But, there are obviously no cameras inside mosques, otherwise we would not have to rely on secret film footage, which expose the outrageous things that are spoken of, behind those doors. WHY are we not allowed to spy on Muslims, in OUR country.


You may recall that, a few years ago, Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ programme exposed film footage from a hidden camera inside a mosque. Straight after that programme was broadcast the British police took immediate action and swooped on ….. wait for it …. Channel 4 !!! The traitorous and anti-British police closed down the footage and tried to prosecute Channel 4, but the police did absolutely NOTHING regarding the content of the film footage. After a year or so, Channel 4 won their case in the High Court and the police were forced to pay them compensation – from the British taxpayers’ purse. Meanwhile, nobody had been able to report on the programme, due to legal subjudice, which is Contempt of Court and an act of deliberate disobedience or disregard for the laws, regulations, or decorum of a public authority, such as a court or legislative body.


By the time the dust had settled, very few people had seen the film footage and the guilty ones got away scott free. Why? Because although the British people of today are oppressed by the banksters-puppets that run this hell hole, Muslims can do and say as they like, with impunity.

…“I don’t affiliate with things like democracy and freedom. My set of values and principles arise from Islam”… (Anjem Choudary, UK Extremist Preacher)


As mosques are built in Britain, the spread of Islam accelerates about Newham People’s Alliance created to support plans for Britain’s biggest mosque in the east London borough of Newham

• Please remember that British objection to mosque planning applications is regarded (by the anti-British Stasi) as racist and religious hatred. Thus few attempt it. Yet multitudes of foreign nationals flock to support applications so that permission is granted.

• Sharia Law has and is being set up in parts of our major cities with the acquiescence of British politicians, even though only English Law is permitted here.

• The British birth rate is in decline (lower than sustainable level). Muslim birth rates, often with multiple wives, are culturally far higher (accustomed to foreign health conditions). In few years, now, they will out-number the British in our own land. So who and what will the new majority vote for ?

• At election, poor white electoral turn-out shows apathy, disenchantment and distrust in the treacherous Lib-Lab-Con system and deteriorating claim to our country.

• High Muslim voter turn-outs, however, demonstrate conviction in their claim to Britain and ever increasing growth in Muslim ownership.

• British Parliament refuses to limit Islamic immigration (or ANY immigration) and occupancy of our country.

• For how much longer will Britain be white, ruled by white politicians or even English law ?

• Do you want your children to live in their own country with their own culture and under their own laws, or under alien culture, law and alien domination ?


And, who do YOU blame ?


Who else can we blame ?!


The House of Traitors & Frauds with words


Muslim March in Newport, Wales, Great Britain

Muslim March through Newtown Wales Great Britain


Immigrants on the streets of Wembley, London, Great Britain

Immigrants on the streets of Wembley - London - Great Britain



Muslims in Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain: 150 year old Church turned into a Mosque


Muslims in Cardiff - 150 year old church turned into a mosque



Muslims march through Luton, England, Great Britain


Muslims Chase Cops in London…. Stasi Police Run for Cover

Stasi run away


For how much longer will YOU have a country ?















  • Dave

    The Lasting Legacy of Hywel Dda

    ‘Although the laws of Hywel Dda in specific were diminished after Edward I of England’s conquests, and dismissed with the Acts of Union in the 1500s, they provided significant precedence for all those centuries and remain an important part of British (and therefore American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealander) legal history. Those who appear before a judge using a British-based system of law has good cause to be thankful to this Welsh king of whom they’ve likely never heard’

    • Camulod


      Your link takes the reader to a website which promotes Plaid Cymru, and that party is certainly NOT a nationalist organisation. In fact, it is further to the left than the Labour Party!

      However, you make a good point about Hywell Dda; who followed on from the work done by some of his predecessors, with King Alfred the Great, of England. Whose written reforms led to the remarkably just ‘Alfred’s Law’, which was the first time that the rule of Common Law had been written down. Alfred even learned to speak Welsh and brought peace between England and Wales.

      Those honourable principles were dropped by the Norman’s and subsequently reinstated under the name of Magna Carta 1215, which is STILL enforceable and holds the key to our freedom. Regardless of what the traitorous politicians claim – Magna Carta 1215 still applies – so it should be used regularly.

      However, the Norman king, Edward the 1st – ‘Longshanks’ was nowhere near as bad as Hollywood depicted him, in the film ‘Braveheart’, and most of his expert Long Bow Men were from Wales. Also, Edward also took some VERY significant actions to protect the people of these islands, from those who practiced murderous Talmudic blood rituals upon members of our indigenous population. He expelled those heathens from our shores, and Britain was free of them for four hundred years, until Cromwell invited them back in!

      Those who are able to join up the dots, will understand that Hollywood had a vested interest in demonising Edward the Longshanks.

      • Dave

        Plaid Glyndwr only links to Plaid Cymru; but are more genuinely nationalist than Plaid Cymru, as outlined by their policy on the European Union for instance.

        I also put their link up as the source for the information about Hywel Dda.

        Example: Their stance on the European Union.

        ‘1. We believe in one nation and one flag.

        2. We believe that Cymru should be an independent nation outside of the European Union.

        Plaid Glyndŵr is a minor political party, our aim is to give Welsh nationalists a choice at the ballot box during local elections. We hope, that in the near future, we’ll be able to contest Assembly Elections too, this will depend on the progress of the party.’

        Meaning a nationalist choice to Plaid Cymru – for what else does it mean?

        I can assure you, that i think things through before posting, as you will note from my articles and posts.

        • Camulod

          You post very good articles, but as I’ve said Plaid Cymru is definitely NOT a nationalist party.

          Why does the link go to Plaid Cymru if it is supposed to go to a different organisation?

          IS Plaid Glyndwr the same organisation? If not, could we use a link to the correct site?

          • Dave

            Hi Camulod,

            I posted up the link as the source for information about Hywel Dda.

            I don’t know much about them other than what is on their website; but the impression I get is that they are a breakaway from Plaid Cymru, as they are more hard line on issues such as the EU.

            Plaid Cymru are not a racial nationalist partly, but a civic nationalist party with Marxists leaning, as they are like all civic nationalist and political parties the victim of entryism by Marxists who use them as a vehicle for their own agenda; which is of course not the same as what the goals were when Plaid Cymru was founded in 1925 for the purpose of seeking self-government and the preservation of the language and culture of Wales.

            They are what John Barnard Jenkins of Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (Movement for the Defense of Wales),
            abbreviated as MAC referred to as ‘culture vultures’, and quite bourgeoisie in that they crave respectability; so easily fall victim to liberalism/Marxism and other bourgeoisie nonsense.

          • Camulod

            If Plaid Glyndwr is a genuine nationalist party, then I wish them all the luck in the world.

            But, if they attach themselves to the Commies in Plaid Cymru, they will never be successful and nor would they deserve to be. I know the history of Plaid Cymru and it’s true that they WERE a true nationalist party, but now they are just the opposite.

            I live in Wales and I spent five years as a BNP Councillor, and had constant battles with the commies of Plaid Cymru; like I said, they are worse than the Labour Party – and it’s hard to find ANY political party more extreme than the filthy traitors in the Labour Party. Except, perhaps, the Green Party, which is green on the outside but RED through and through.

            Plaid Cymru is now and EVIL organisation.

  • jontyjohnson

    We the English people are victims of the most heinous crime perpetrated by a vile corrupt government.

    We are second class citizens in a country we have paid for worked hard and died for only for the spineless greedy career politicians to strip is bare of any worth.

    Our own unbiased police force most certainly is not unbiased and most certainly governed by politics. This being said surely there must be a political agenda we are not privy too regarding all these Islamic extremists and Muslims in general invading our once proud nation.

    Our oppression could only be worsened with shackles, chains and dark damp dungeons, maybe this will be the next attack on the good British people from our corrupt leaders to silence those who dare to speak out against the establishment. We have already seen well documented cases of this with Britain First’s Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen and quite frankly the gagging tactics are disgusting and disgraceful.

    This whole thing makes a mockery and blackens the name of every single war hero killed in active service while fighting for freedom and democracy in our society.

  • ab001g8485

    William Joyce was hanged in 1946 as a traitor and he did nowhere near the amount of damage to this country that our last two governments have done, in recent years treason appears to be accepted as an acceptable way of life for our politicians, it must be number one on our manifesto to enforce the death sentence for this disgusting crime.

    • Dave

      William Joyce was not British, so therefore should not have been hung as a traitor to Great Britain. This is one of the many lies that pass themselves off as so called history.

      He held a British passport for a short while, and they used this as a pretext to hang him for political expediency.

      ‘William Joyce was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 24, 1906, to Michael and Gertrude Emily Joyce—Irish citizens, who had become naturalized Americans eight years before his birth.’

      ‘Loyalty to a treasonous government is not patriotism. As Joyce warned, Britain lost the peace. As Roosevelt reminded Churchill when drafting the Atlantic Charter, the war was fought over the issue of Free Trade, and Roosevelt was not about to allow the survival of any empire, whether German or British. Joyce likewise had stated that the war was being fought to maitain international finance, as Germany was encroaching on markets from central Europe to South America via Barter, and had secured prosperity in the depths of world depression through the simple expedient of state credit. Surely enough years have now passed to admit with hindsight that Joyce and others such as Mosley were correct in their predictions?’

      ‘For a greater understanding of the worldview and motives behind the Lord Haw Haw caricature, William Joyce’s book, Twilight Over England is well worth reading’

    • CatHearder1

      The strange thing about his sentence was that he was an Irish man, and as Eire during the war was a nominal ally of Germany how could he have been a traitor? I suppose just as with all that justice flying around at Nuremburg, the truth didn’t matter just as long as the truth was flushed down the memory hole, our Jewish overlords can go about business as usual.

      • Camulod

        Quite right, CatHearder1.

        The truth doesn’t matter to the puppets of the Zionists.

        • CatHearder1

          I always try and insert as much anti-semitic anti-Zionist anti-Marxist info into every conversation I have where appropriate.Camulod (I obviously hold back the full Holohoax stuff when talking to my Nieces and nephews), but I feel it is necessary to challenge Normies Skewed World view as often as possible. Plus it is always fun to live troll smaller weaker people who really want to punch you until you become tolerant and no longer hateful. But when you are big, strong and scary looking like me it aint happening, and that makes it even funnier. Which makes it so much funnier.

    • Camulod

      Don’t worry, Al, the treasonous buggers WILL be prosecuted for their anti-British crimes.

  • Rose of England

    Just read this, brilliant piece.
    Wake up people, if they can muster this many Muslims in a few days, then god help us when they decide to take over. The British people are in for a very rude awakening, and it won’t be pretty, I would prepare yourseves for a very very scary future.Those of you who are asleep to all that is going on in this country, need to get up off your backsides and do something, or you will only have yourselves to blame !!! (Contact your MP)
    ” Bring me my bow of burning gold, Bring me my arrows of desire, Bring me my spear,

    O clouds unfold,Bring me my chariot of fire. I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Till we have built Jerusalem, In Englands green and pleasent land”

    If you are a true Nationalist, then the words above will stir your heart, if not then I feel only sympathy for you.

  • Camulod

    Rose of England

    Very well said! Your comments are enough to stir the hearts and minds of the thickest, laziest, most selfish people in our land!

    The idle ones – who watch from the sidelines, or complain in the pub, or on Facebook – but never get involved, will eventually wake up.

    But, by the time the wake up, our extended family, our home and our future may have gone, forever.

    We must tell everyone we meet – every day – that, until THEY get involved, the persecution of the indigenous Britons will continue.

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