The North East British Voice

The North East British Voice had its first outing today in North Shields town center. We handed out over 500 BV leaflets and the response from the public was very good.

We also went armed with our new Banner,tbv 2 which certainly got us noticed. We only spent a couple of hours in the freezing cold temperature. It was refreshing to notice that the public seem to be crying out for a new party. Among some of the conversations I noted a call for the reinstatement of the Death penalty, and in many cases it was stressed for foreign offenders for example Lee Rigby murderers.

The general public here seem to be fed up with Politicians handing out billions of pounds of our money to third world Countries. I try to make the point it is the British People who vote these politicians in to power, but unfortunately its the ones who do not vote, is likely to be the cause of the state of our Nation.

Its very Disturbing to find people who seem to be ashamed to be British, you could not make this up, one guy refused a leaflet off me, and i said this is all about being British. His response, I am not interested. The likes of him are probably in the same category as those British people on here the other night, burning the Union flag. I have a term for these folk. Self haters. Or if you prefer, the scum of the earth.

Anyway its nice to know that there are many decent folk out there, and one day we may get our green and pleasant land back.

I would like to thank all of those who attended on this freezing cold day, especially Dot and Nigel Brooke, despite Nigel’s poor health and also Hazel, a very loyal member.

THE BRITISH VOICE We move as one.

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