The Theory of Evolution Garbage Being Taught in Schools, as FACT!

Surely to God, there can’t be anyone STUPID enough to STILL believe that tripe about human beings ‘evolving‘ from the slime of the ocean?!

Don’t people realise that it was purely a scam to make humans appear as the lowest of the low, and WHO, you might ask would want us to believe that?

Look no further than those who still control the banking system and have a hidden agenda.


Do YOU realise that the Controllers have already put another load of old nonsense onto the Education Curriculum, which involves a fictitious group of Negroid slaves SUPPOSEDLY setting up home in England a thousand years ago. What a load of tosh!


Of course, this is designed to make youngsters believe that Negroids and Mongoloids have ALWAYS lived here







Unless we all take a stand on these distorted and corrupt “education” programmes, our future generations will not know any better.


The Controllers have forced that nonsense onto the GCSE and it was the biggest load of nonsense I’d come across, for some time, until now.


Their new plans are to magically make Darwin’s very dubious theories FACTUAL !



Do you honestly believe that something as perfect as a human being could possibly have crawled out of the sea?

Even Darwin had very grave reservations about publishing THAT nonsense! Why don’t you go along to this discussion, at Northwich, Cheshire, on the 21st of June…


Wednesday 21st June 7.30pm

Hartford Church Hall, School Lane
Hartford, Northwich CW8 1NP



…A new series of talks on Evolution Theory versus Special Creation…


“Critical Influences & Impacts”


The Government has now issued directives that the Theory of Evolution must be taught as fact to our Children

Parents, teachers and church leaders must question how far these “facts” accord with scientific evidence and their own faith

Featuring: Simon Turpin, General Manager of: “Answers in Genesis”                                




This session critically examines how the indoctrination of evolution has impacted society and the Christian Church.


Bring along your brain for a discussion on the issues raised!




Free admission                                                            Refreshments

                                               7.30pm for 8.00pm start.                                         Contact: Chris Watkin – Tel: 07940 877465

TEL: 01606 883925 or 07940 877465



Christians are concerned that the strong promotion of Evolution Theory as FACT by the Government and the BBC is seriously undermining the foundations of our Faith, with children growing up under the influence of secular humanism, dismissing Genesis, the innate sinfulness of Man, and the need for Salvation.


The purpose of this important meeting is to enable members of the Christian Church and Faith Schools to be fully conversant with the sound scientific evidence revealing the Intelligence behind the Creation of the Universe and Human kind.


I appreciate that some correspondents may well live at a distance from this venue but may, nevertheless, have relatives, friends, and contacts in this area who may value notice of this meeting.


Many thanks.

Best regards

Chris Watkin



  • Revd Robert West

    Children may be taught that Macro-Evolution is a fact but whether they believe what the teacher says is another matter. However, we must put the side for Special Creation too if we would have education rather than indoctrination.

    • Camulod

      Hello Revd West,

      Thank you for commenting on this very important article, which was presented by a group of Christians who believe that the opposing view to the Christian one on this subject, is being given an unfair advantage, by those wishing to skew children’s beliefs away from God.

      People may believe whatever they wish; but such beliefs should never be presented as factual, just as we Christians cannot say with proven certainty that our beliefs represent facts.

      • Revd Robert West

        Presenting both sides or all sides on the origins debate also has the merit of making the pupils or students think for themselves! That is highly educational.

        • Camulod

          Educators MUST present all sides of the case, as that is how we will finally arrive at the truth of any matter. But, to brainwash young minds into an unproven belief system is absolutely evil.

  • Joan Bradley

    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution should now be renamed as Darwin’s Fact of Evolution, after entire individual genes of various living organisms have been sequenced and show a common origin. Do I honestly believe that something as perfect as a human being could possibly have crawled out of the sea? Yes, but apart from humans not being quite as “perfect” as one might imagine. Such a complex organism evolved because of an almost infinite number of “experiments” in biochemistry as each individual predecessor was born. It was a matter of time and number of “experiments”. Darwin’s theory explains very nicely predicts and explains racial inequality, which is good.

    • Camulod


      It is still called a ‘theory’ because it is just that, a THEORY.

      You appear to have convinced yourself that it is factual and that is your prerogative, also you are at liberty to argue your case all day and all night, but please don’t kid yourself that it has been proven, because it certainly has not.

      If you feel so strongly about it, why not go to the meeting (with an open mind) present your views and listen to your opponent’s views. Neither side is proven and for now, at least, people will have to decide for themselves what is true and what isn’t.

  • Camulod


    When growing up as a small boy my parents were not anti religion but they were simply not religious. When I went to school, a Church of England school, I was confronted with Christian spiritual beliefs.Being a country boy I had to weigh this up against my understanding of nature and the world about me and to me the spiritual aspect simply didn’t stand up. Although very young at the time I recall looking up at the enormity of the universe and it struck that man, being no more than a speck of dust on a grain of sand, by claiming that he positively knew what created it all could only be perceived as an arrogant presumption. Perhaps Darwin, who at that time I had never heard of, came to the same conclusion when he set out to find some answers and despite the limitations of scientific understanding of his day he succeeded in tracing the basic facts as anyone in stock breeding with an essential understanding of genetics knows. In my understanding over a very long life I see religion as politics maintained by voodoo. Having said that I do not decry people’s religious beliefs providing they do not use or implement their beliefs as a political tool to influence others as is presently evident in the Muslim religion. I accept the Protestant Christian religion as it is the basis and catalyst of our social order as expressed in our common law and Constitution.

    Unfortunately today as I perceive it the Church of England is neglecting if not denying the very basis of its own foundations as expressed in the Bible. At least the Muslims are adhering to their Koran. This raises the very pertinent and essential questions, in this advancing scientific age do religious beliefs and their social constraints create social cohesion or retard man’s intellectual development?

    Bob Lomas.

    • Camulod


      As ever, you make some excellent observations. But, the question is:

      Should educators be allowed to impose their unproven beliefs onto children, as part of the Education Curriculum?

  • Camulod


    We all have our own views on such matters and our personal view will be based upon our own experience and to some extent, the balance of probabilities (which is not proof), but I would contend that the ‘Evolutionists’ have no more proved their case, than the ‘Creationists’ have proved theirs.

    You quote Dawkins (who I believe has a very distorted view of Christianity – he may have had a troubled childhood) stating: …”One thing all real scientists agree upon”… ALL scientists do NOT agree with that point and nor do thousands of REAL scientists agree with the Global Warming myth. Those in the Al Gore camp claim that ‘all real scientists agree’, but in that case, many thousands of scientists disagree.

    Although this is a separate issue, the same propaganda is at work in both cases.

    But, the REAL question here is: Should educators be allowed to impose their unproven beliefs onto children, as part of the Education Curriculum?

    To me, imposing unproven beliefs onto children, as part of the curriculum is brainwashing and should not be allowed.

    • James Garner

      To answer the question should Evolution be included in the curriculum: my reply would be- yes. While one could argue the overarching theory or elements of such are flawed; the analysis used to reach the premise have been based on fact, and as such the theory is established on the provable. As with any scientific theory until it is dispelled or superseded by a more conclusive premise; it remains the most plausible school of thought on current understanding.

      Hypothetically, if the theory of evolution was incorrect or fundamentally flawed; in all likelihood it could only be confirmed as such through scientific research disproving the current model; if future generations can invalidate it; they must first have that existing knowledge; hence must be on the curriculum, even if it means inserting a caveat that other theories do exist.

      • Camulod

        Hi James,

        Thank you for your swift response. However, you mention the word ‘THEORY’ and I’m certain that everyone would agree that it is okay to teach it as a THEORY, but not as a FACT, because it is unproven.

  • Joan Bradley

    A point of nomenclature – when a theory becomes a fact after testing, it then becomes a Law. eg Newton’s Laws of Motion etc. So Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, tested and proven by DNA analyses, should now be referred to as Darwin’s Law of Natural Evolution.

    • Camulod


      This is merely your own opinion and you have every right to state your beliefs.
      However, nomenclature is a classification and in this instance, the classification required is codification, but this theory has not and cannot be codified until it is proven fact.

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