There Should NEVER be an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants


David Lammy - the African Marxist, that wants to flood OUR country with blacks



David Lammy – the African Marxist member of HATE-NOT-HOPE – who just happened to have been born in London, from African parents, who had come to Britain via Guyana – believes that we British people should allow 300,000 illegal immigrants to receive an Amnesty for their CRIME of illegally invading OUR country.


Well, Mr Lammy, let us make it very clear that – neither YOU nor your illegal immigrant friends – are welcome in OUR country. Your family was brought here against the wishes of the British people, which means that YOU are here illegally – regardless of which stable you were born in. And, if you continue to spread anti-White-anti-British propaganda then you may find yourself on the boat back to Guyana or Africa.


What about this for a suggestion to “Save the Planet” from extinction through that globalist term which is beloved by you Marxists: Why don’t you, and all of the muliticulti puppet-politicians that agree with you, go and live in Africa or Asia and take all of the immigrants with you?


WHY? Because….


• You and your gang keep telling us that there are too many people living in the Northern hemisphere and using most of the world’s resources. It’s often cold up here and we need heating and lighting – so, why don’t you go home and stay warm?

• You keep blaming us in the Northern hemisphere for all manner of problems that are supposedly ruining our future – so why not help to save the world, and go home – and take millions with you?

• As it is warm in Africa and Asia, you won’t need to use so much electricity for heating & lighting, which will stop you and your gang from contributing to so-called Global Warming.

• This would result in less people living in the Northern hemisphere and the perceived ‘problems’ will be lessened.

• If your dream is to create a Marxist Homeland, you can do so in Africa, because they will let you do as you like, over there, won’t they? (NOT!)

• AH! But, you may have a problem being accepted in Africa; although you look like them, your London accent will always make you an unaccepted foreigner in your parent’s original homeland.

• Your gobbie Marxist attitude may not be acceptable to the African ‘racists’ that wish to protect their homeland from influence by incomers – just as we Britons do.

• You could start the African branch of HATE-NOT-HOPE and spread your hateful doctrine to the African masses; and see how long it will take before you end up dangling from an African tree.

• But, rest assured, your African brothers will never be accused of the onerous crime of ‘racism’, because blacks can NEVER be accused of that particular legal fiction… can they?

• Imagine all the fun you’ll have, encouraging your fellow Africans to work hard and build a strong nation and continent, so that they will never desire to travel to the North and steal OUR hard-earned inheritance!

• You could start a campaign to irrigate Africa, through a system of waterways – much like the British river and canal systems, which our ancestors provided for US – only for it to be given to you and your fellow invading Africans.

• You could embark upon a method of expanding the three largest fresh water lakes in the world – that just happen to already exist – in Africa.

• You could help Nigeria to build up its industry, so that they can become less dependent upon fraudulent internet scams, which they currently rely on to bolster their economy; I’m certain that those scammers would rather work for a living…. (NOT!)

• You could embark upon a campaign to build houses near the seas and rivers, and teach your fellow Africans how to purify that water and make it safe to drink; then they would no longer have to – according to the scam ad’s on British TV – “send their kids to walk miles to get fresh water”.

• You could teach African’s to adopt a system of birth control, so that they can learn to live and feed their families, without looking for hand-outs from us ‘nasty’ people in the North.

• You could embark upon a campaign to teach black fathers that it is wrong to reject their responsibilities and abscond from their families, leaving their wives to bring up fatherless children; as this is an endemic trademark of Africans.

• Finally, you would become beloved by all British people – because you will have provided the conditions in Africa for all of those anti-White-anti-British people that want to live with Africans – and you will have helped us to get rid of millions of Communist trouble causers.

• It’s a WIN-WIN situation!

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