For over forty years numerous groups and organisations have been formed all claiming as their aim to extract this nation from the German European political empire that we might once more be a free and sovereign people of self political determination. The CIB, the Freedom Association, the Democracy Movement, the Bruges Group, and the UKIP to name just a few. All have failed in their claimed objective, which gives rise to the question as to just how genuine or otherwise those seemingly noble claims have been.
Some claim to be ‘all party’ or ‘cross party’ but what has that got to do with it when all three leading political parties are defiant in their resolve to keep us politically enslaved to a foreign political power? It was the Conservative Party that treasonously lied to the people to take us into the European Union, and the UKIP even joined in the treason by sending representatives to sit at our enemy’s table and take its stolen shilling.
The House of Traitors & Frauds with words

All have failed in their claimed agendas simply because the issue is not one of politics but one of law and Constitution, a subject none of them dare address because of their ties, connections and affiliations with political parties and or with the controlling anti British establishment that binds those now unlawful political parties together.


Doubtless there are members of these groups that believe in our Constitution but are too timid to forcefully raise the subject perhaps dissuaded from so doing having seen the attempts of others summarily dismissed.


So who are these anti British people who would dismiss the essential issue of national sovereignty and our common law Constitution that was designed to protect it?
We live in a time when politics and party are put before people and nationhood. Is it possible that in every such group and organisation there are covert duplicitous members dedicated to the stifling of any attempt to highlight the rule of our law, especially constitutional constraint that could if exercised expose the illegality of our present political system? There is evidence to suggest that such people do exist not forgetting that they are most likely to be leading, and so, influential members of those groups.

…’The politicians mantle of deceit wore increasingly thin’…


For a long time incredulity was widespread but gradually as the politicians mantle of deceit wore increasingly thin, greater numbers of true nationalists have become disillusioned with the political world in which they formerly placed their trust. Never the less they still fail to understand that Parliament itself has long been an unlawful institution having abandoned the legitimacy of the People’s Crown from which Parliament formerly drew its legitimacy.

…’As the weight of public opinion expresses its anger at ever increasing immigration’…


As the weight of public opinion expresses its anger at ever increasing immigration resulting from the open borders policy of our foreign oppressors and the impudence of our self acclaimed governments, which are in reality not governments at all but merely administrators for a foreign government, it is now essential to end the official encouragement for foreign immigrants to construct their palaces and fortresses in preparation for their sworn aim to take over and rule this nation. Now is the time to put the horse back before the cart and to forcefully assert that politics are subordinate to the rule of our law and the will of the people.
The big question is, will one or any of the afore mentioned groups take up the challenge, bearing in mind that even the UKIP has not addressed the issue of Constitutional supremacy in its twenty year history, presumably because its hierarchy wish to become part of the free for all self serving political club, just as it abandoned its original principle to board the Brussels gravy train under the pretence of enhancing its political image and party funding.

…’So, do we eat our take-aways and watch our football or do we act before the final crash, the batten and the Taser?’…


There have been recent reports of a group of wealthy men willing to put some twenty million pounds into getting our country out of the hands of foreign governance. On the other hand it should take no more than five million pounds to mount an honest judicial review on the treasonous signing of the EU treaties but no mention of such an action has been published. Then of course there is the promised referendum that in truth would be treasonous for it would invite the British people to vote in favour of surrendering our national sovereignty for all time, which is no one’s gift, it being the birth right of generations yet unborn, just as it was ours.

It is said that a fish rots from the head down; we it seems are a decaying nation in which self comes before all and those two great British principles, care and fair, have been abandoned in all levels of society. We are a nation in which law and its upholding are withering away as ethics and integrity are increasingly abandoned at the highest levels of officialdom. The great Roman Empire maintained its rule by, as they say, a confection of cake and circuses and if needs be swift administration of the sword. When finally the head of that administration, corrupt and spent, crumbled and left these shores, did they leave a festering legacy for a future empire to inherit at some time in the distant future? Today it all sounds a little too familiar, perhaps no doubt because the human condition is constant and unchanging. So, do we eat our take-aways and watch our football or do we act before the final crash, the batten and the Taser? The future is in our hands.

Bob Lomas. The Magna Carta Society.

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