Today is the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta Day – 15th June 1215AD

We Must Invoke Lawful Rebellion and Say – To Hell With the European Union!




To hell with the unlawful, corrupt and totalitarian European Union! The people that run that circus don’t give a damn about Britain or the British people; they simply need another 100 million+ Tax-Paying Slaves. So, I propose that we totally disregard their so-called ‘EU Laws’, which in reality are merely Statutory Regulations that we can take or leave, as they require our CONSENT to enforce them.


We must start a nationwide, cross party petition, to FORCE the British government to do as the British PEOPLE say. It is very important that we do NOT put party allegiances before our patriotic duty, as this is a matter of grave importance. This is NOT a class war, or a revolution – except of hearts and minds -and we do not need a huge number of people to stand with us. Because this Cause is not only just, it is absolutely lawful and totally consistent with the Magna Carta.


It is very clear that a huge proportion of the British population does NOT wish to be involved in the European Union, as it has destroyed our freedom; our traditions; our industry; our green spaces and our culture. It has broken up our family units and empowered satanic perverts and child molesters. Many of us recognise the unlawful aspect of Great Britain being ruled by a foreign power. In fact it is, Treasonous for the politicians to hand our governance over to foreign rule. And, under Article 61 of the Magna Carta, we are honour-bound to do something to stop those acts of Treason by the Ruling ‘elite’.


We do NOT need to wait until Cameron & Co decides whether or not to allow us to have an IN/OUT referendum. Our involvement with that totalitarian regime is, was and always will be UNLAWFUL, which means we can simply tear up the Treaties and revert to self-rule. Furthermore, we now know FOR A FACT that the British people were lied to in order to force us into the EEC/EU. The deceitful acts that took place to ensure that Britain was dragged into that despotic club were all acts of High Treason, and those responsible must be brought to trial for their heinous crimes against the people of Britain.


Meanwhile, we are not lawfully obliged to remain in an organisation that we were clearly tricked into, and which was unlawful in the first place. Effectively, we should re-produce copies of those Traitorous EEC/EU Treaties and publicly tear them up! We must give Cameron & Co a deadline of one month, from the start of the campaign, to withdraw Great Britain from the European Union.


If the politicians ignore us, we must invoke Article 61 of the Magna Carta – Lawful Rebellion

If they choose to ignore us we must invoke a number of staged actions to bring about a lawful and just outcome. Those actions will be lawful and will be consistent with Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215. And, if the government continues to ignore us, we must carry out the following incremental actions:


  • Stop paying ALL of the ‘taxes’ within our control, including; Council Tax; Corporation Tax; VAT; TV Licence; Vehicle Excise Licence; The combined tax & VAT on fuel, tobacco and alcohol. And every other stealth tax that we have control of.


  • We should then introduce an alternative monetary system (don’t worry it’s not as difficult as they’d have you believe) to maintain our vital supply lines.


  • We should then take turns to camp on the doorsteps of every local authority in Britain, including the House of ‘Traitors & Frauds’, to bar the entry of “Useful Idiot” Traitors.


  • We should film every campaign nationwide and send it throughout the world, instantly.


  • We should inform any and all opponents that this act of Lawful Rebellion is totally lawful and anyone obstructing us will be charged with Treason.


  • We should bring the British government to a standstill and keep it that way until we have freed Britain from the EU. And NOT when a promise is given to do so.


German police join demonstrators

  • This will be a non-violent action but we will retain the right to use reasonable force should we come under attack.


  • We should invite the Armed Forces and Police to join this Lawful Rebellion, or agree NOT to oppose the people, as to do so would constitute Treason.


  • This MUST take place ASAP.


  • This is NOT a game. It is very serious indeed.



Mike Whitby

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