Treason by Britain’s Politicians

The Massive Acts of Treachery That Have Been Enacted Against Our Country and Our People

by Chris Harrill


Evil Traitor at 10 Downing Street


I have been thinking again of the massive acts of treachery that have been enacted against our country and its people by all of the political classes and for so many years, certainly in my lifetime and that is longer than I care to consider!


Quite simply, our politicians have created one hell of a mess in every aspect of life in the United Kingdom. I cannot think of anything positive to think of my country and I view our future with great trepidation. Our ‘wonderful’ establishment in their wisdom have brought so many immigrants into our land we are quite literally swamped by the sheer weight of numbers. This is no exaggeration, indeed official figures show that we, the indigenous people, WILL BE A MINORITY WITHIN 40 YEARS!!! Please think about this. Think back 40 years to realise what this means. Whatever anyone says or thinks, THIS CANNOT BE RIGHT!


One hundred thousand Muslims gather in a park in Birmingham - England - Great Britain


Further consider that far from being horrified at our future prospects, certainly none of our mainstream politicians (surprise, surprise) or the population at large,  generally show not a flicker of alarm at our prospects. Indeed we are daily subjected to massive numbers of fresh arrivals. It has recently been stated that Europe as a whole can expect 100 MILLION so called refugees over the next few years. This does NOT include their birth rates! (Although the state is building thousands of houses all over our land, the birth rate of the indigenous people is declining at an alarming rate.)


The ‘solution’ (heard that expression somewhere before?) from our establishment is to subject us all to indoctrination and propaganda in order to convince us all that this nightmare multi culti ‘society is something wonderful. In fact the result of all this is nothing short of EVIL! Not one of us was ever asked our permission to change our country into the unrecognisable quagmire that it now is. When I was a child just after the Second World War Britain led the world in an infinite number of ways. We were very much a country to be proud of then. The incoming labour government introduced the welfare system for the first time but apparently this was not to be just for us British people and the introduction of the welfare state coincided with the first influx of what became a never ending tidal wave of immigrants ever since. This also coincided with ever more draconian laws and measures against us the people, in order to destroy any opposition to the establishment’s dastardly plans to destroy us. A recent television programme showed that THOUSANDS OF OUR babies and young children, apparently born out of wedlock had their identities destroyed and systematically sent abroad whilst we were merrily filling our country up with foreigners.


Most people now know we are no longer THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

We live in a country where suspicion, distrust and fear reign.

People now speak in whispers and glance around in case they are overheard.


‘Political Correctness’ reigns, where ethnics are employed or promoted simply because of who they are. Confusion, dismay, indiscipline, anger, with a complete breakdown in respect for the rule of law eventually results. There is a very real chance that this country will become Muslim within a comparatively short time. The so-called British trait of ‘tolerance‘ is unfortunately a state of mind that will eventually destroy us very, very soon!


I find it so difficult to accept that the British people who are supposed to be such animal lovers, who quite rightly become so angry and indignant at the report of a dog a cat or a horse, as examples, being badly treated but apparently turn a blind eye to the suffering…



in the production of halal meat by Muslims!


The explanation seems to me that far from living in a liberal society…


…we are living in a FASCIST ‘LIBERAL’ state in which freedom of speech and expression if it contradicts the views of ‘the state is not acceptable.


It is where education and the media are absolutely controlled. Anyone who doubts these assertions is either deaf and blind or living on cloud cuckoo land.


We have a golden opportunity to take some remedial action in the next few weeks and that is the essential step to exit the straight jacket of the EU.


The question must be asked…



Evil Traitors


Time and again, we see examples of the oppressive EU’s incompetence or stupidity in everything they do. This is an ‘organisation’ which has shown utter contempt for any rules or regulations. How have they been able to avoid presenting their financial affairs for 20 years? Who or what are they accountable to? To my knowledge not one official in Europe has broached the subject and shows once again the absolute contempt the bureaucrats have for the populace. Since we joined Europe not one year has passed in which we have traded at an advantage to ourselves. Everywhere in Britain is stagnation and ruin. No future for our youth who have been blinded by indoctrination. At every opportunity the EU erect boarding at development sites to show what wonderful work they are doing for us. Our establishment fail to remind you that we are paying some 55 Million Pounds every day to the EU for the ‘privilege’.


We, the British, have absolutely nothing against our fellow Europeans,  but IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN, WHY WOULD ANY SANE PEOPLE WANT TO BE DOMINATED BY A FOREIGN AND…



EU - get us out


The coming election which the LIBERAL FASCISTS have successfully denied us for so long is not just an opportunity to shake off the shackles of a dishonourable and corrupt EU, but a clear indication and a warning to our LIBERAL FASCIST ESTABLISHMENT that we, the British People are no longer willing to be lied to.




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