Was the BNP Leadership Election Conducted Fairly?


Mike Whitby assesses the BNP Leadership ‘Election’.


BNP Leadership Election


The corruption at the BNP continues apace, as the puppet-master’s choice, Adam Walker is ‘elected’ as Chairman of the BNP. And, Paul Hilliard’s honourable attempt to rescue that party and its members from the clutches of a corrupt and greedy leadership – which has lost its moral compass – has failed. For the sake of the 99% of members of the BNP, that are good friends of ours and are honourable and decent people – who loyally pay their membership fees and make huge donations to that party; this article has been delayed until after the so-called ‘election’, which is strongly suspected of being rigged.


We did not wish to be blamed for interfering and manipulating people’s decisions


We did not wish to be blamed for interfering and manipulating people’s decisions but, those of us that have been around the block with the BNP and have traveled to all parts of the British Isles, to campaign together for our collective Cause, will know of one important difference between Adam Walker and Paul Hilliard. They have both traveled the length and breadth of Britain on campaigns, but the crucial difference is that, throughout all of those campaigns, Adam Walker was being PAID a wage for doing that ‘job’. And that’s exactly what it was and still is, to Adam Walker – a well paid job – whilst the rest of us did it year after year, for nothing.


First of all, a job was created for Adam Walker


First of all, a job was created for Adam Walker, at the phony Solidarity Trade Union, on the instructions of the BNP’s puppet-master Patrick Harrington. Then he was given the job of National Organiser for the BNP. Before that, Adam Walker was hardly ever seen campaigning, except for those campaigns that were specifically about HIM personally, and his brother Mark, who were both sacked from their teaching jobs, for being involved in nationalism. And, a great many of us stood with and supported Mark and Adam Walker in that very worthy cause.


Such anti-British actions, as sacking and blacklisting people for their nationalist beliefs; falsely removing them from their elected positions as Councillors; convicting them of phony charges and even imprisoning them, is an appalling practice. But, the British Establishment is doing it all the time. So, why were there massive campaigns for some people, whilst the rest of us that also suffered such attacks, were completely ignored by the BNP hierarchy? Both Adam and Mark Walker were given jobs at the BNP. But, after Mark had worked closely with the BNP/Solidarity hierarchy, he chose to walk away. I wonder what he witnessed.


By comparison, Paul Hilliard has NEVER been employed by the BNP


By comparison, Paul Hilliard has never been employed by the BNP and like the vast majority of others, he has never received wages for campaigning for our collective Cause, year after year. Paul was never going to be allowed to win that Leadership Election, as the greedy controllers knew that he was very likely to have exposed the truth, as he is an honourable man.


When Adam Walker was suspended and subsequently sacked from his teaching job, we all campaigned with and supported him. When he became the BNP’s National Organiser, I was happy to work with Adam Walker, because I respect people who donate their time, their hard earned money and their reputation – as all genuine nationalists do – in our struggle to help free the British people.


Whilst we were all working for nothing, Adam Walker was receiving wages the whole time


But, when I discovered that Adam was NOT doing that work out of the goodness of his heart, and he was actually on wages, I lost a great deal of respect for him, as did others. Also, he would visit BNP meetings around Britain and berate members that were not actively engaged in any form of activism – and he would even arrogantly berate some very staunch activists, if they disagreed with him! The numbers of BNP activists began to dwindle, and some Regional Organisers refused to ask their members to travel and work with Adam.


On one such campaign, I and a few other people were unemployed and in financial ruin, and we were asked to help out, several days a week, at an election campaign a long way from our homes. Clive and Adam promised to refund our petrol money and buy us a sandwich and a cup of tea each day, if we joined the campaign. A small group of us did so and we worked twelve hours a day, three or four days a week, for around six weeks. In fairness, we were refunded with most of our fuel money, but the goalposts were moved, and we had to provide our own lunch – even though we were broke – so we took sandwiches. Normally, if I was broke, I would not attend such activities, as I simply could not afford to, but as we were specifically asked to be there, we kept our side of the arrangement.


During that campaign, we discovered that the North West Regional Organiser, Gary Tumulty, was actually telling people in Salford and Greater Manchester NOT to support us in that one and only target ward, and to stay away from Pendle! Standing in Brian Parker’s kitchen, in front of a group of us, Adam Walker rang Gary Tumulty and confronted him with that news. And an unrepentant Tumulty admitted to it. Adam slammed the phone down and said to the group of us:


“That bastard, Tumulty, is gonna be sacked straight after this election; Mike do you want to be the North West R.O. again?” I said: “No thanks. I can no longer afford to spend all of my time and money being North West R.O.”


Due to the enormous effort of a lot of activists, we managed to get Brian Parker elected for a third term. But, the result was very marginal and the seat was won by just six votes. If we hadn’t have worked very hard for those six weeks, Brian would not have won the seat. Also, if Tumulty had got his way, nobody from Manchester would’ve been with us – but some were with us – and if not, we may have lost that seat. That revelation placed Tumulty in a very questionable position, and many of us suspected his motives. Also, he had virtually stopped all of his activities straight after he had been made NWRO. Normally, people work harder when they are promoted, not less. Although the position of Organiser is unpaid (except for that of National Organiser) many people – including Adam Walker – suspected Tumulty of having an alternative agenda, and some of us still do.


Just two months after that successful election campaign, came the Night of the Long Knives, when a group of BNP Executive Council members conspired to oust Nick Griffin from the role of party Chairman, and replace him with Adam Walker. However, that was an unconstitutional action and, under the BNP rules, it should have generated an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and a formal Leadership challenge.


We were expelled, and some resigned, after asking legitimate questions and being ignored


Many of us campaigned, peacefully, for the new regime to follow the rules, but we were expelled and some resigned, after asking legitimate questions and being ignored. Meanwhile, the BNP membership was informed that certain individuals had been expelled for misconduct – the truth was that we were an embarrassment to the ACTING Chairman – and his Puppet-master, Harrington told him to get shut of us.


Prior to our expulsion, the ACTING Chairman made an announcement that he would tour the country and members should come along and ask him questions. A group of us did so, at Salford, and they moved the venue to stop 30+ BNP members attending that meeting. Chris Barnett (spit!) and Kay Pollitt (Tumulty’s partner) stayed at the original venue and handed the alternative address to a chosen few, but the rest of us North West members were not invited! We set out to find the venue and an hour or so later we tracked them down. A small group of us arrived just as their meeting had ended.


There were around 25 people at that meeting and most of the audience were non-members


We noticed that the majority of people in the audience were non-members and were actually EDL / NWI members, but official BNP members were NOT allowed to attend! We began to ask the questions that we had posed in writing, which had been ignored – that Nick had been ousted unconstitutionally and that the BNP hierarchy had covered up the alleged outrageous drug abuse and criminal activity of some BNP members.


Clive Jefferson tried to filibuster member’s questions, but Adam Walker never even tried to. Instead, he just walked out of the building, accompanied by his once-enemy Gary, the snake, Tumulty. I followed, and as they exited the building, I asked where they were going. Also, my disabled friend and fellow BNP member, tried to engage Adam Walker in conversation, and to our amazement, Walker and Tumulty RAN AWAY! And, as they ran around the corner, heading for Tumulty’s house, they hurried past two more BNP members who were sitting in a parked car. As they past, Walker had a look of shame on his face – and so he should!


How will the BNP Chairman cope with the media, especially the BBC?


The big question now is – if the new Chairman of the BNP doesn’t have the courage and leadership skills to endure a question and answering session with fellow members – how on earth will he cope with questions from the media?! That man is a 6 foot 2 inch ex-British soldier and a Marshall Arts expert, and the next day he claimed that he left the venue because we were behaving in a ‘threatening manner’! What a load of rubbish, and what a lying, twisting snake that man is! Most of us are many years older than him and we are certainly not thugs.


Many people believe that the BNP Leadership Election was rigged, and I would ask the BNP members: Did YOU vote for Adam Walker? If so, you have made a big mistake, as Walker, Jefferson, Barnett, Wythe, Tumulty, and Hogarth and the puppet-master Harrington (neither of whom are BNP members) are all behaving like Zionist plants. And they could easily share amongst themselves the £10 million that was donated in member’s ‘Last Will & Testaments’. They will control the members and lead them down blind alleys, whilst pretending to give them hope of a chance to free our enslaved British people.


Patrick Harrington was a very active member of the Communist Workers Revolutionary Party


Just under a year ago, it came to light that Patrick Harrington used to be a very active member of an extremely violent Communist organisation, known as The Communist Workers Revolutionary Party? As the saying goes; once a commie, always a commie. And HE is controlling everything that the BNP does. Furthermore, it has come out that Adam Walker now owns three houses, one of which is valued at £400,000! Also, several other high ranking members are alleged cocaine users; one is an alleged homosexual and former producer of gay porn videos; and another runs a porn shop, which sell all sorts of pornographic material, including homo porn.


The BNP’s Conduct Committee of druggies and perverts


The BNP’s so-called Conduct Committee consists of three people; two of which are alleged cocaine users, one of whom is an alleged homosexual porno pervert, and the third is strongly suspected of being a red agent, who has actively worked against the BNP for a long time. Therefore, the organisation that we loved and many of us bled for; appears to be controlled by druggies, perverts and the LEFT!

• Where are the BNP’s former wholesome family values?
• Where are the nationalist values and why have they been replaced by liberal attitudes?
• Where is the transparency?
• What happened to the £10 million in Last Will & Testaments?
• Where is the adherence to the BNP’s Constitution?
• How come the BNP’s Conduct Committee only deals with Whistle-blowers and alleged criminals are allowed to do as they like?
• Why are alleged criminals who are accused of various crimes – by lots of witness statements – allowed to remain in that party?
• Why was Dawn Charlton sacked, after many dedicated years of voluntary work for that party?
• Was she sacked after complaining that Jefferson had allegedly misappropriated ‘Shares’ that were donated by an elderly BNP member?
• Did Clive Jefferson push Dawn Charlton out of a moving car?
• Why did the BNP pretend that Dawn was on holiday for two months after she was sacked?
• DID Clive Jefferson tell Dawn Charlton that he intended to fiddle the Leadership Election?
• DID Clive Jefferson tell Dawn Charlton HOW he intended to fiddle the Leadership Election?
• What is the truth about the Leadership Election and the TRUE Membership numbers?


The following statement, by Clive Jefferson – after he’d announced a “36% turnout” – implied that the total voting membership was around 1800; do YOU believe that? …

…‘Only voting members that meet the criteria to take part in BNP leadership elections are included in the figures above. For the avoidance of doubt, the BNP membership figures are far greater’…


The true membership figures are less than one thousand


It has already been proven that some new members were allowed to vote, so it is likely that the BNP’s true membership figure is little more than the number of those that actually voted. Most former officers estimate that the true membership figures are now less than a thousand, which is a tenth of the membership numbers that the BNP had five years ago.


Also, Adam Walker has now said:

…“As BNP Chairman, I won’t let you down, but I’ll say this: we are a family, ask not what your Party can do for you, ask what you can do for your Party”…


What sort of “family” treats its ‘family members’ so appallingly? Also, the latter part of that statement is a bastardised version of U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural statement; does Adam Walker believe that HE has the charisma and leadership skills of JFK?     In his dreams!


As a Life Member who was expelled for asking legitimate questions of the new BNP Stasi regime, I believe that the BNP now faces a slow death; unless the members demand the truth of all the above information. A lot of very good people were unceremoniously kicked out of that once-great organisation, for simply asking legitimate questions of the corrupt new ‘leadership’. Don’t you feel any sense of responsibility to ask the relevant questions? You can bury your head in the sand, or you can do the honourable thing – it’s up to you.


If YOU are a member of the BNP and you don’t explore these facts, then can you honestly say you are any different from the ignorant general public, who we all try so hard to awaken; and instead they keep on doing what they’ve always done?


Remember the words of Edmund Burke (British statesman, 1729 – 1797):
“All that it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”


Officers of political organisations should not be paid for their services, it should be regarded as a privilege to lead a good Cause, and every penny donated and raised through memberships should be ploughed into the Cause. Why should genuine nationalists expect to be paid for their efforts to help save our country?


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