“We are all in it together.” Say the men with their heads in the trough!

“We are all in it together.”

John Berkow Speaker of H of T & Frauds

Evil Traitors









As the £12 billion austerity package kicks in for us mere mortals, it would appear that a select group of people are completely detached from reality.


John Bercow the speaker of the House of Commons appears to have no trouble at all in spending your taxes, as he paid out £172, on a 0.7 mile chauffeur-driven journey from Parliament on his expense account.


Ironically he also spent £367 taking a car to Luton to deliver a speech on how MP’s were restoring their reputation after the expenses scandal!!


THE BRITISH VOICE believes that our political ‘masters’ are totally out of touch from the real world, they are no longer working on behalf of the people or the country, instead they live in a world of self-interest, and a blissful ignorance of how the ordinary people of Britain have to live.


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