Thought 4 Wednesday

By Lynne Mozar


Mrs Obama in Londistan


To every action there is a reaction – I think I have said this before on this blog – but the sight of Michelle Obama showing her true colours and allegiances – in the UK this week – is more than enough to send the average Joe in the streets of both the United Kingdom and the United States – running for the hills!


She apparently ‘chose’ this venue and to be fair – you would think you were in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan but no – you are in East London – or Londistan – which is what the Americans call our once great capital city. There is not one white face or non Muslim face amongst this lot and frankly the ethos of ‘World Education for Women’ is rather lost isn’t it amongst the average Muslim citizen.


Now to pick up the disparity between these pictures and the TV programme on ‘poor young vulnerable Muslims being groomed for jihadism’ and one is really tempted to hurl! I may be an anti Islamist oddity – but the one root of both the problems of being colonised and penalised for 40 odd years – is the sad and even odder fact of massive immigration into this country. I am ignoring Europe – as the EU is the Fourth Reich and they can solve their own problems – even though their problems usually become OUR problems!


I am talking about England, upper England, middle England and lower England – we are no longer the country that we have been for many hundreds of years. Now whilst I do not decry ‘Progress’ I do baulk at my country being changed so much that even the ordinary non political man in the street is wearing a completely different attitude nowadays. It is the attitude of the under-dog, the person who has been forced, through public opinion, media propaganda and financial pressures – to a state of wariness and unhappiness at what his country – whether he be fully indigenous or a very early newcomer – has become.


I had a conversation with a youngish man a week ago, a non political man who is not a raving looney, neo Nazi or violently anti Muslim – in fact a normal youngish guy – and his words are prophetic.


“Migration has got so bad in my area – there are virtually no ‘non ethnic’ neighbours- drugs, prostitution, sexual grooming, harassment, bullying and anti white and anti Christian racism is the norm and the Police do nothing – as no one dares to be a witness because of the come backs. Patriotism has been killed off in this country because it is deemed ‘dangerous’ but what the Muslims are mainly doing to this land – is far, far worse than what the Jews did in pre war Germany – and one day, in the not so distant future – what will occur here in the UK – will make the Third Reich look like a Tea Party at the Palace.”


This wasn’t a threat it was a warning – and this guy is non political! So when a situation gets round to the chattering classes and they don’t like it, then something is definitely stinking in the state of Denmark. I am not talking about the retards and their multi coloured benefit purses or the numpties who think that it is ‘ok’ to have a massive mosque dead centre of their little town or the benighted converts who fall for the talk – I am talking about many of the younger generations who are living in the hell holes that we have allowed to develop in many, if not all of our main towns and cities. The young guy who I quoted above lives in Buckinghamshire not Southall or inner London!


We have our Navy rescuing drowning immigrants – let them drown – that would soon discourage this tragic and expensive flood, shut down the borders and don’t listen to the UN or the EU – it suits their books to have a little troublesome Island up to its eyes in accommodating and paying for millions of foreigners year after year after year, leave the EU and stop that portion of migration – as thousands of Third Worlders come in through the EU not just the eastern Europeans.


There comes a time when self preservation should take over from trying to save the world and be popular. Michelle Obama doesn’t suffer from that at all – she openly prefers and seeks out the fellow Muslims of her Muslim husband – and whereas she is a full black – we must remember that Obama himself had a white American mother – who was ostensibly Christian. Obama was born and still is a Muslim and an anathema in the US especially after 9/11. A Black Muslim President? Now that really is a paste up job.


My point being if we had Immigration under control – we would not have Muslim only schools spreading like wildfire throughout this country. 50 years ago we had Council schools, Grammar Schools, Public schools, Village Schools, Roman Catholic schools and the odd Jewish school. It would not be so bad if even the ordinary Comprehensive schools are now virtually full of Muslim and ethnic pupils, with more coming in every day – so that the average white child cannot get in or is forced to move area to be accommodated elsewhere. How is that fair?


I also have no time at all for the poor young Muslims forced to go abroad to fight for ISIS or whatever – I really don’t care. I don’t care that their parents are apparently completely ignorant of what their kids are doing and don’t believe it either. Muslim parents are the most dominant in the world next to the Chinese and I frankly doubt that these idiots can even pee without being told how to or where to do it. It just suits their benefits and their money making machinery to play along to the Brits and play dumb. I say let them go and take their families with them and let ISIS pay for them and their Education, Health and whatever!


I frankly don’t care whether there are good Muslims or bad Muslims I just want them to be very much thinner on the ground than they are or will be. Therein lies our salvation – not trying to find more money from the Taxpayers to fund their children or their way of living in the West. These and many other Migrants do not benefit Britain but they do take advantage of Benefits Britain!

  • ErinDoors

    I have only just come to this site – every word is so, so true, and frightening to an ordinary English person!!

  • Brin Jenkins

    Never use their businesses, just don’t feed them.

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