What makes a good British Nationalist?

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - a True Brit


You may wonder why I have included a photo of my Staffordshire bull terrier, Ozzie. So, let me explain.

‘Staffies’ are a pure English breed of dog and on researching their qualities, I have found, marked similarities in what I believe makes a good British Nationalist.

According to a leading dog website, Staffies are described as being as follows;

• Loyal
• Courageous
• Intelligent
• Proud


I would like to compare these similarities to British Nationalists



A British Nationalist will always be loyal to their race. We are in the midst of a huge struggle to preserve our white race and, make no mistake about it; the white British indigenous population is in danger of being wiped out.

Our culture is in great danger of being wiped out.

Our history is already being changed to suit the Zionist rulers.

As a British Nationalist we must always be loyal to our Nationalist comrades and we must always be loyal to our party.


A British Nationalist will always have the courage to stand tall and fight for their country; fight for their culture and above all fight for their future generations.

This is very important because, unless we as Nationalists have the courage to stand up and be counted NOW, there is no future for our children and grandchildren.


A British Nationalist needs to be intelligent in our activism; by being intelligent we can wake the people of our great nation up. We need to be able to break through the mind control that our enemies are using on our people.


George Orwell talked of the ‘Thought Police’: make no mistake people, this is happening today through every media open to the Zionist rulers



A British Nationalist should stand proud:

Proud of our race;
Proud of our heritage;
Proud of our country;
Proud to fly our flag;
Above all – Proud to be called a British Nationalist!

• Loyalty
• Courageous
• Intelligent
• Proud


Four words that describe a true British Nationalist; just like a Staffie!


Are YOU a good British Nationalist?


Dave Leese
National Nominations Officer

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