What sort of man is Martin Vaughan?

Is he loyal, honourable and true, or is he a fickle minded back-stabber?


Over the past six months, Martin Vaughan has behaved in an appalling manner and has invented all manner of nonsensical lies, in order to take control of THE BRITISH VOICE. With the assistance of his partner in crime, Dorothy Brooke, he has treated some of our North East members disrespectfully and in some cases, appallingly. If anyone were to simply show any disagreement with Vaughan and Brooke, those people would be barred from attendance at future meetings!


When those two incompetent idiots conducted our Spring Conference they behaved in exactly the same way; attempting to dictate what people could and could not say or do. Also, Brooke insisted upon opening the Conference with a prayer – perhaps in an attempt to demonstrate that she is a nice person – but her act was unconvincing and several loyal members, duly left the room!


“North East members were often treated like school children”, being scolded by the head mistress and her bullying cohort, who behave like a pair of Sad Clowns.



Sad clowns


Also, those two reprobates have campaigned incessantly against me; spreading the most appalling lies and nonsense about me and other members/officers of THE BRITISH VOICE. And yet, they have never produced any evidence whatsoever, of any wrong doing. They embarked upon their plan to oust me and replace me as Chairman and they have relentlessly told lie after lie, and they’ve stolen money, literature and other items of property from our members.

Throughout this period, Vaughan has stated many times that I should be replaced and Nick Griffin should be asked to take over as Chairman of THE BRITISH VOICE. This is despite the fact that Nick Griffin said, right at the outset, that he does not wish to be the leader, or a member of any political party, and would prefer to focus on his Unity movement, to ‘unite’ the various nationalist factions.


There is a very strong element of ‘Deja-vu’ in Martin Vaughan’s protestations.

Those of us who were formerly members of the British National Party will remember that, back in 2011, when loyal BNP members were rallying round to rebuild that party, Martin Vaughan led a similarly vicious attack against Nick Griffin, saying that with Nick as leader, the BNP was “finished”. At that time, Vaughan also discouraged members from standing in elections, in an attempt to force Nick to step down. And, in an interview with The Shields GAZETTE, Vaughan said: …“the party in South Tyneside want him to stand down”…


Does this all sound very familiar to you? It certainly does to me, in fact it’s virtually identical to the way Vaughan and Brooke have attempted to crucify me, in recent months, and it illustrates the lack of veracity in those two reprobates. This, added to the glaringly obvious fact that they have not produced one shred of evidence to support their ridiculous allegations that I have acted improperly, proves what kind of people they are.


Here is an extract from the above mentioned newspaper, dated Thursday 24 March 2011…



The Shields GAZETTE



Thursday 24 March 2011



‘FAR right political party the BNP will not field a single candidate in South Tyneside in May

A spokesman for the party said the move was a political decision in a bid to persuade national leader Nick Griffin to stand down.
Martin Vaughan, fundholder for the party in South Tyneside, said the party was “finished” under Mr Griffin’s leadership.

The move comes despite the BNP standing candidates in all borough electoral wards up for grabs at last year’s local elections….
…Mr Vaughan said: “Mr Griffin has attracted a lot of bad publicity and the party is in debt. There is a lot of disillusionment with him, and the party in South Tyneside want him to stand down. Under his leadership, the BNP is finished and we need him to go before we can rebuild…

“Previously loyal BNP members are being sacked throughout the country for speaking out against him. I don’t expect to remain in my role for much longer.”

Mr Griffin had been invited to meet his critics at a gathering at the High Lane Social Club in Hebburn at the weekend, but did not attend.

Mr Vaughan added: “He wasn’t even willing to answer his critics.”

Mr Griffin was unavailable for comment.’




Despite Vaughan’s disgraceful attack upon Nick Griffin, shown in the The Shields GAZETTE, above, he is now praising Nick and pretending to be a Griffin loyalist. The reality is that Martin Vaughan will say and do anything, in an attempt to justify his latest batch of lies and he couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.


For the benefit of those who still don’t know the facts; Martin Vaughan and Dorothy Brooke were expelled from THE BRITISH VOICE on the 5th of August, and are no longer officers, or even members, of THE BRITISH VOICE. Yet, they are claiming to still be members/officers and they’re suggesting that people hand money over to them for ‘memberships’ which would obviously be fraudulent. Also, they are planning to hold fictitious meetings, in a further attempt to convince North East members that they are still involved with THE BRITISH VOICE, which is also fraudulent.


If any TBV members wish to check the legality of what Vaughan and Brooke are doing, they don’t have to take my word for it, as they can contact the Electoral Commission, at:


3 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8YZ, Tel: 020 7271 0616. Email: pef@electoralcommission.org.uk

Website: www.electoralcommission.org.uk


And ask them the following questions about THE BRITISH VOICE:


Q: What are the names of the registered officers?
Q: Who is legally responsible for the party?
Q: What is the party’s official address?
Q: What is the party’s telephone number?
Q: What else can you tell me about THE BRITISH VOICE?


The answers you will get from the Electoral Commission will prove, conclusively, who is and is NOT an officer of this organisation. Also, if our North East members and new enquirers wish to verify the facts further, they can contact Donna Watson, the North East Organiser for THE BRITISH VOICE. Or they can contact me or Dave, on: 07598 744665 / 07952 171281.


There is no place within nationalism for liars and cheats, and I would suggest that Vaughan and Brooke should scurry off and join a Commie organisation, such as Hate-Not-Hope, as their level of duplicity will fit in perfectly with communists.


Mike Whitby

  • Dave Leese

    Well said Mike. Can I just add that, as The National Nominating Officer of THE BRITISH VOICE, I have asked on numerous occasions for copies of the accounts and also proof of their allegations, neither of which have been forthcoming.

  • austen

    Spoke publicly for the first time in a long time last night at Bristol; part of the text seems regrettably apt:

    “Know him and know his mark – or his black flag will blot out our sun –
    whilst we still fight over which end of a boiled egg we dip our soldiers into –
    and we know not who is our friend.

    Our friend stands before us – he is our enemy’s enemy. He’s Kevin Bryan,
    Paul Golding, Robin Tilbrook, Mike Nattrass, he’s Nick Griffin, Tommy Robinson and Dawn Charlton. And he’s Nigel
    Farage, he’s UKIP, he’s the Tory, the Socialist, the LibDem. The Christian, the
    Hindu, the Sikh, the Jew . . . all
    looking into the same abyss.”

    I really did once believe we could achieve something. But we never will – will we?

    • Camulod


      I regard you as a good friend and an honest man, with the best of intentions. However, I believe your comment is naive and belies your high level of intelligence. But you are not alone, as the current Pope appears to be much more naive, as he believes that we can encompass good and evil in one organisation to create a One World Religion!

      Some of the names you have mentioned are very honourable and genuine people, and some of them are decent but misguided. But, upon close inspection it is apparent that some of them are not all they appear to be, and should not be trusted, as they are a combination of; back-stabbers, bolsjewik communists, fraudsters, liars & cheats, money-grabbing-whores, red change agents and traitors. Before aligning ourselves with them, we should be questioning who they are and what they stand for; who finances them; what are their policies and question whether they are leading nationalists down a blind alley?

      ALL genuine nationalist share your desire for a unified nationalist approach and if all of those people, who have formerly been in one nationalist or patriotic organisation, or other, were to come together as one group, there would be several hundred thousand of us – maybe millions – and we would take our country back, without any violence or bloodshed. But, to achieve our goal of freedom for the indigenous people of these islands, should we lie down with vipers that clearly have an alternative agenda?

      In order to really know our friends and true allies, we need to identify our enemies – who are they; what are their backgrounds and their intentions?

      One group of our enemies are openly aggressive toward the free people of the world; they are of foreign descent and can muster thousands of ‘soldiers’ at the drop of a hat, they follow their leaders without question and clearly demonstrate that they wish to conquer or kill us all, unless we submit to their leader, who has espoused many evil acts and advocated a life of slavery and violence for all non-believers. They are a mindless group of hateful people that have infiltrated the British political sphere and many of their people are allowed get away with the abuse, rape and murder of our people, most notably, children. They are also the most recognised terrorists in the world and the most obvious enemy of all who would be free to think for themselves. Also, some of them claim that their homeland has been taken from them and given to others (as ours has). They blame the Western people, because our despotic politicians stole their countries and gave it to their mortal enemy – leaving many of the indigenous population homeless and extremely angry.

      Our other group of enemies – who are the mortal enemy of the above – are secretly aggressive toward the British people and have secretly controlled and enslaved us for centuries. They are also of foreign descent and have changed their names to hide their true identity and also espouse evil acts, which include the rape and murder of our children – often by protected politicians. They control the world’s ‘police’, organised crime syndicates and drug barons, and have caused virtually every war for hundreds of years, including two world wars, which destroyed a huge percentage of white Europeans. They have held our people in abject poverty as tax-slaves; they manipulate our country’s politicians, both local and national, and therefore our military, monetary, taxation, economic and immigration policies. They also control the corrupt and debauched media & entertainment industries and therefore, the education and propaganda that is assimilated by our people, in particular the minds of our children.

      The question we need to ask is; will the British people regain our freedom by supporting either one of those evil groups, which have both emanated from Asia and Africa?

      ‘British’ politicians (many of whom are of the same bloodline as both of the above) brought both sets of these ‘enemies of the British people’ to our homeland and continue to do so, therefore, we must question their purpose in doing that. Politicians falsely claim that it’s in the interests of our economy to bring immigrants here. But we now know the truth that it is part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan for the genocide of the white race. One way of doing that is to arrange a war between the Asian/African and European cultures, so that we wipe each other out. Meanwhile, the controllers will remain on their thrones, laughing at the hordes of their enemies killing each other.

      Austen: some of the people you have mentioned are clearly being financed by one or other of the above groups and this is evidenced by the fact that they often fly their foreign flag along with the flags of Britain. Also, they tend to have just one policy, which is to engender the hatred of the other group. But, we the British people, neither want or need either one of those evil groups and we should be very clear about this, and to side with either one of them would lead to disaster.

      I disagree with your defeatist summary because, despite your lack of belief, I truly believe that we WILL achieve something great – but we need to BELIEVE we can do it. If we throw the towel in, as you appear to be advocating, then our enemies will already have defeated us. It’s then just a question of which enemy controls us.

      Also, despite all of the attacks on our Christian faith, I know for a fact that you have not accepted defeat on that score. To me, these two principles are inseparable and the way we will defeat the men of evil is with the truth. We must never, ever, give up because our children are depending upon us.

  • Rose of England

    Good for you Mike.
    These two wannabes, need to stop trying to pretend they are something their not, and climb back into the hole they crawled out of. If they want to write fiction they can go elsewhere and do it, they need to realise they are not convincing anyone of worth, with their constant rambling on about things that they know are a complete and utter fabrication.
    The pictures are really funny, and a true representation.

  • Syd Moore

    The same old backstabbing and infighting which has always plagued the right wing of British politics yet again raises it’s ugly head! Ffs it’s so depressing!

  • ab001g8485

    Martin Vaughan is about as much use to nationalism as a slug is to a salad, revolting.

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