White Genocide by IMMIGRANT-INVADERS arranged by politicians





White Genocide by IMMIGRANT-INVADERS is the most heinous act of EXTREMISM in British history.


The elimination of the indigenous British people is being executed and it continues apace, with ALL of the British MP’s claiming that the British people MUST accept immigration. But WHY should we accept it?!


Many British cities, towns, villages, roads and streets have now been hijacked by millions of IMMIGRANT-INVADERS. The violence that has been inflicted upon our people is horrendous and many thousands of British people have been beaten, sexually assaulted, raped, and countless people have been murdered by IMMIGRANT-INVADERS and their offspring.


Also, there are now many no-go areas throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles, but the politicians continue to say that we NEED those invaders! The people of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are generally polite, placid and apathetic, and most of all, trusting. Our people have a habit of putting up with things, trusting that our Queen and our elected politicians will do the right thing by our people. But, those ‘people’ are NOT doing the right thing by us, and they never will, and our Queen is trapped and muzzled into silence!


Unfortunately, every MP and every one of the leading political parties, along with the Establishment, our Police Force, the BBC and the media, are working for someone else, other than the British people. They have collectively embarked upon a plan of action that is destroying our people. And, as I write this article around 1,700 IMMIGRANT-INVADERS are arriving in our land EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, 365 days a year; 12,000 a month and over 600,000 every year. Britain is overwhelmed by Africans, Asians and the scum of the earth!


Anti-white and anti-British Institutionalised Racism is endemic within the British Establishment and we need our Armed Forces to save our people from extinction…


The 20 stages of White Christian genocide were put in place by the anti-white controllers; we are now approaching the end of days…


  1. Take control of the world money supply and control economics;
  2. Infiltrate Western governments, societies, religions and churches;
  3. Trap people in a false Tax Debt Slavery, so they can’t afford to have more children;
  4. Always present a ‘caring’ image, by financing phony ‘charities’;
  5. Take control of world entertainment: media, music, film & theatre, to debauch Western morality;
  6. Secretly engender animosity between countries, to divide & conquer them;
  7. Finance and encourage all countries for war and make a profit by destroying the white race;
  8. Initiate two World Wars, so that millions of white Christians kill each other;
  9. Finance despotic Communist terrorism to kill off millions more white Christians;
  10. Enforce a lower birth rate amongst white Christians, through taxation;
  11. Introduce mass immigration, pretend to “save the world” and bring about white genocide;
  12. Poison Western skies through ‘Operation Cloverleaf’, and poison food and water;
  13. Turn a blind eye to all of the appalling actions of violence, rape & murder, by immigrants;
  14. Introduce the ‘legal ’ destruction of white children and reduce birth rates, through abortion;
  15. Interfere with third world countries to produce more African & Asian offspring;
  16. Encourage homosexuality and sexual depravity, through entertainment;
  17. Encourage a billion 3rd world people to migrate to the West and rape our women and children;
  18. Ensure that the world population of the white race drops from 35% to the current level of 8%;
  19. Ramp up the level of IMMIGRANT-INVADERS and mix the races, to out-breed the white race;
  20. Enable the IMMIGRANT-INVADERS to bring about the final destruction of white Christians;


They say you can’t blame those who are blind, as they cannot see what’s around them; and they say that a fool knows no better. But, if YOU can’t see what the controllers are doing – to you and your people – then you are a not only blind, you’re also a fool!



What constitutes a ‘CHILD‘?



A baby, infant, toddler, kid, juvenile, youngster, innocent etc.

Can anyone honestly say that the people in the following picture are “children”?!

Of course not!

The word ‘children ’ is being used against us as a weapon-word in an act of emotional blackmail, once again, like all of the other lies the politicians have used. It’s time for you to understand that politicians work for the bankers and NOT you.



  • The inglorious bastard politicians want to fool the British people into accepting even MORE immigrant-invaders, by pretending that grown men are “CHILDREN”!
  • We are already taking in 600,000 IMMIGRANT-INVADERS, EVERY YEAR! Why do YOU put up with it?
  • Take a look at the above picture and tell me which of those MEN could EVER be mistaken for a CHILD.
  • Do those men look like desperate cases of “CHILDREN” in need, to you?
  • Or, as the caption says: do they look like MEN of Fighting Age?!
  • The reality is that NOT ONE of those IMMIGRANT-INVADERS is under the age of 25; several of them are in their 30s; and one must be 45!
  • The Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May and the Home Secretary, Ms Amber Rudd, must believe that the British people are either too stupid to notice their lies, or too frightened to speak out about it!
  • Even if those men WERE “children” under the age of 18, fleeing from a war zone in Syria, several questions would still arise:


Q: How did they manage to travel TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED MILES, to end up just 22 miles from the border of Great Britain?

Q: WHY did they travel 2,500 miles, crossing many countries, to claim asylum in Britain; when they could simply have travelled to Jordan or Lebanon; which are both less than 500 miles away from Syria?

Q: If they have somehow managed to travel THAT far by themselves; why can’t they bloody well go BACK again?!

Q: Are they refugees, fleeing from a war zone; or are they economic migrants?

  • They could’ve found a safe haven as quickly as it would take us to travel from Aberdeen to London!
  • The kindest thing we can say about those IMMIGRANT-INVADERS is that they are ECONOMIC MIGRANTS!
  • The truthful answer is that they are IMMIGRANT-INVADERS and have travelled to Britain to get money for nothing and have the opportunity to rape and seed British women and children!



What the hell is going on in our green and pleasant land?!


  • Have the British people become spineless, selfish, dumbed-down idiots; or have they still got the courage of their fathers?!
  • The time has come for YOU to get off your backside and take some action. Nobody is asking you to FIGHT, just open your bloody mouth and complain about it; as loud as you can! Political correctness can go to hell!
  • Do you realise that your parents, grandparents and many generations of Britons sacrificed their LIVES for YOUR future; and you sit around watching crap on the television and refuse to protect yourself… your own family… your friends… and your neighbours?!
  • This country belongs to YOU! It does NOT belong to the politicians; NOT the police; NOT the judges; and NOT the IMMIGRANT-INVADERS! So, grow some ‘courage’ and stop the politicians from destroying your homeland!
  • If you are angry at what’s happening, get out on the streets and shout at the top of your voice:


I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!





Tony ‘Satan’ Bliar rallies his troops in an interview with his pals at the BBC!




Tony Bliar has made a wake-up call to all of his pro-EU followers to stand with him against Brexit and to demand another election! That evil, arrogant, murdering bastard should NOT be breathing, let alone being interviewed on the Bolsjewik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) or dictating what should and should not happen in our country.


He claims that his followers are the new ‘insurgents ’, and one definition of that word is ‘revolting ’, so he may be right; as he is certainly revolting! But, who in their right mind would want to admit to agreeing with the war criminal that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people?


I suspect that any ‘sane ’ person (and I use that word very loosely) that genuinely believes that Britain would be better off staying in the EU would not want to be associated with Tony ‘Satan’ Bliar. But, that’s assuming those people who wish to remain enslaved by a foreign power have anything between their ears!


But, if Tony ‘Satan’ Bliar is rallying HIS troops to pervert the course of democracy, then it’s time for YOU to choose sides: are you with those who wish to destroy your people and your children’s future; or would you prefer Britain to be free of the chains of imprisonment, so that your children can have a life worth living?

 You decide, but do so quickly!





Are YOU a subordinate SLAVE – a NUMBER – or a FREE MAN?!







As early as the 1960’s, Patrick McGoohan, who conceived the idea of ‘The Prisoner’ and played the part of ‘Number Six ’, saw the enslavement that was coming. He devised the idea for the TV series in order to wake people up to what could happen (and what has subsequently happened!).


Sadly, most of us didn’t realise it was about ‘real life’ until we discovered that being in the European Union meant being enslaved. But, now that you KNOW about it – what do you intend to DO about it?


The following images are shown by courtesy of: www.portmeirionOnline.co.uk








Are YOU a subordinate SLAVE?

  • Camulod

    Watch this five minute video and consider everything that’s happening in our country, and I bet you will want to shout:

    “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”


  • Camulod

    Dear Sir,

    “Stupidity is far more dangerous than evil, for evil takes a break from time to time, stupidity does not” (Anatole France). So it is with our immigration and asylum policy our so it appears, for it was Franklin D. Roosevelt who said “….in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way”.

    Angela Merkel has been flooding Germany with refugees and for this she has been awarded ‘The Couldenhove – Kalergi European Prize’. Who was Couldenhove – Kalergi? Never heard of him? – Well you will now!

    He was the founder of the Pan-European Movement in 1922 and was the author of ‘Prakticher Idealismus’ (Practical Idealism) in which he wrote: “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space and time, and prejudice. The Eurasian – Negroid race of the future similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians will replace the diversity of people with a diversity of individuals”.

    The plan was to unite Europe and flood it with immigrants to enable it to be fused with the Third World to create a totalitarian world
    government. G.Brock Chisholm former director of the World Health Organisation applies the lesson of Kalergi when he says “What people in all places have to do is to limit birth rates (promotion of Homosexuality?).And promote mixed marriages (between different races) to create a single race in a world that will be directed by a central authority”.

    In the 1920’s when Kalergi formulated his plan there was no shortage of labour, skill shortage or ageing population. All this before even the Second World War let alone the current war in Syria, so much for the pretexts for immigration. This is also the basis for the current community policies to protect minorities,why Britons were never consulted about the creation of the Multi- Cultural State, why Britons have to accept refugees even though Britain has no legal or moral obligation to take these people, who should be processed at the first country they come to, not travel across a continent to get here. How can un-accompanied children travel all this way
    without being trafficked?

    It now appears that the British people are taken for effete, soft-touch simpletons, who will fall for this nonsense. Such cynical false
    humanitarianism is being used as a lever to further the evil Kalergi plan to eradicate our identity and to prevent us being able to determine our own destiny in our own land. At least Brexit was a step in the right direction from this, and a vote by the British people largely because of their concerns about immigration. Incidentally,(I blow my own trumpet here) I did my bit by leafletting Llanidloes, Newtown and Oswestry.

    Milton Friedman stated “You can have a Welfare State or you can have open borders, but you cannot have both”. Who is next up for the Kalergi prize? Will it be Leanne Wood, Nicola Sturgeon, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbin?

    Incidentally, Kalergi is incorrect about the ancient Egyptians, this Eurasian-Negroid race he talks about were the flotsam and jetsam left over after the decline of Egypt. Unlike the decline of some other civilizations. Egypt’s decline was not due to the lack of rainfall due to climate change, as Egypt was solely dependent on the Nile which never failed. Neither was it due to soil erosion or lack of fertility (like some other civilizations) because in ancient times there was no Nassar Dam and the Nile flooded the land yearly, providing
    it with fresh soil and nutrients. The Egyptian environment today is the same as it was before the beginning of recorded history, only the people have changed. The same is happening to Briton and the West today. Also, racism was a term invented by Leon Trotsky to further his aim of the destruction of the West.

    Milton Ellis (Newtown).

  • Camulod

    Thanks Milton. This is a great letter.

    And thanks very much for putting out thousands of Brexit leaflets in mid-Wales!

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